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EH of argue-matte (* 8 February 1930 in Neuruppin; born brown) is a German Dichterin and authoress.


1947 put EH down of argue-matte the Abitur and began in Berlin the study of the Germanistik, Romanistik and 1950 married it and bore a son. The marriage became however soon again divorced. Still before the divorce she became acquainted with Erwin of argue-matte, which she married soon thereafter.

Since 1951, after the conclusion of their study, EH of argue-matte worked freelance at "the German writer federation "of the GDR as a lector. Starting from 1952 it published literature-critical work in the literature magazine ndl. From 1953 to 1954 she was a lector with the child book publishing house of the GDR. Besides it became 1953 member of the ndl Redaktionsbeirates. Since 1954 she is a free authoress. It published above all poems, in addition, Prosa for children and adults. From 1960 to 1972 it undertook numerous journeys in its characteristic as a member of the foreign commission of the writer federation of the GDR into the Soviet Union and to Yugoslavia. 1992 died within only nine months her nut/mother, her man Erwin and its son Matti.


  • 1975 Heinrich Heine price
  • 1998 walter farmer price


Lyric poetry

  • I Mach a song from silence, 1973
  • Moon snow lies on the meadows, 1975
  • The one rose overwhelms everything, 1977
  • Conversation, 1980
  • Heliotrop, 1983
  • Breath, 1988
  • Unterm changing light, 1990
  • The beautiful one (Obsession), 1997
  • Love and hate. The secret poems. 1970-1990, 2002
  • The winter after the bad love. Poems 1996/1997, 2005


  • Letters from Schulzenhof I, 1977
  • Poetry and other Nebendinge, 1983
  • May in , 1986
  • Letters from Schulzenhof II, 1990
  • Letters from Schulzenhof III, 1995
  • You dear green. A garden and a season book, 2000

  • four-leg, 1958
  • From the Kater one humans to be wanted, 1959
  • I swing into the swing, 1975

Publisher activity

  • Erwin of argue-matte: Before the conversion. Recordings, 1995
  • Erwin of argue-matte: Stories without homeland, 2002
  • Erwin of argue-matte. A biography in pictures, 2002

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