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Efod (Hebrew) means Priesterschurz of the high priest of the Israeliten. The detailed execution of the Efod is described in the book exodus.

  • Ex 28,6: They are to make the Efod as art weber work, of gold, violet and red magenta, Karmesin and gezwirntem Byssus.
  • Ex 28,32: In its center an opening for the head is to be;
  • Ex 39,4: For the Efod they made connected shoulder pieces and fastened them to their two ends.

At the Efod were fastened with golden cords draw ash (ex 39.19) with Losteinen Urim and Tummim (ex 28.30).

However there is a Bible place in the book of the judges in those the word "Efod" in a way is used that the meaning "priest garb" does not result in a direct sense.

Ri 8,27: Gideon made from it a Efod and set up it in its city Ofra. And Israel drove there thereby completely. Comparisons also for this Ri 17.5 ("Efod and Ri 18,14; 1.Sam.19, 13.

In this connection the word can designate also a God picture. These God pictures one does not have to present in every case as large statues, as from the narration over Rahel arises, from the Mrs. Jakobs, those to its father Laban its house God stole (1.Mose 31, 19). "Rahel however had taken and under the camel saddle had put the house God and had on it-set themselves." (1.Mose 31, 34) - in the world of the Nomaden God pictures were transportable; they functioned as house God of the around-pulling kinships or the kinship-oldest.

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