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Education obligation the legal obligation for persons under age is called to furnish in given distances of learning performance records for instance in the form of examinations. Contrary to the compulsory schooling no concrete school attendance is prescribed, but expected reaching given performance levels.

In Germany compulsory schooling, exceptions exists so far only in completely few individual cases after lengthy legal proceedings was approved. In nearly all European States of (exception: e.g. Germany) prevails an education obligation. Contrary to the compulsory schooling no school must be visited. There is also or perfectly independent learning possible for house instruction (Homeschooling, Dominzilunterricht). In France, Spain, the BeNeLux and the Scandinavian countries for example also "unbeschultes "learning is possible. Education obligation plans examinations, however no obligating, let alone regular school attendance.

House instruction (also home instruction, "domicile instruction "or Homeschooling in English) is a form of the education and education, with which the children are informed at home by parents or private teachers instead of in schools. The concrete practice of house instruction can look very different. The spectrum is enough from strongly structured forms oriented at traditional school teaching to very open like the Unschooling. The number of the unbeschulten children and young people in Germany becomes at present estimated on approximately 500-1,000.

In order to implement the education obligation for children and young people, have itself 2006 an initiative, which "network education liberty "based, which is "network education liberty "a country wide union of organizations, parents initiatives and individuals, which are more public the right to free entrance to the education, free choice and free organization of the individual personal Bildungsweges with help like privately initiated resources a request. Among them e.g. "the Federal association natural learning registered association are ", "the donation network high gift ", "the European forum for liberty in the training system "(effe), the association "to education in family initiative registered association ", the initiative "German assistance for foreigners "and many more, as well as numerous university professors, paedagogues, physicians, lawyers, psychologists, therapists as well as engaged parents and pupils from (religiously to alternative) the camp of the Homeschooler. In particular the conversion is required by article 26 (3) of the general declaration of the human rights, is fixed in which: The initiative reported to the UN-Bildungskommissar Vernor on its journey in February 2006 by Germany.

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