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Eduard Douwes Dekker (* 2. March 1820 in Amsterdam; "† 19 February 1887 in Ingelheim) alias Multatuli was a Netherlands writer. Around the year 1900 its books were very common in Germany. Thus for instance Sigmund Freud and Hermann Hessian ranked it among their favourite authors. Meanwhile it is however almost unknown in Germany.


Eduard Douwes Dekker was born 1820 as a son of a captain in Amsterdam. As it was with its father after Java (at that time still another Netherlands colony: Netherlands India) come and found there during the colonial administration an employment. Its career as colonial civil servants (he was appointed 1856 the assistant resident of Lebak on Java) ended, when it anprangerte corrupt machinations, into whom its superior was involved. Dekker induced the dismissal from the employer-employee relationship, taken place on its request, to the return to Europe.

He spent the last seventeen years of its life almost exclusively in Germany. it lived 1870-1879 in Wiesbaden. Here it wrote approximately two fifth still during its lifetimes published of the works, under it the million-studies, in which it its experiences in the gaming house processed and an allegedly safe profit method for Roulette describes.

Under the alias Multatuli it published books, which argued critically with the colonial policy. It published under this pseudonym to be afraid there it Repressalien had due to its very critical descriptions of conditions in the Netherlands colonies.

Its most well-known work is the novel max of Havelaar or the coffee auctions of the Netherlands commercial company (1860 appeared). The Netherlands author died 1887 in Ingelheim, where he had withdrawn lived the last seven years of his life.

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