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:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
:Milchlinge (Lactarius)
Section:Reizker (Dapetes)
Scientific name
Lactarius deliciosus
(L.) Gray

The Edelreizker (Lactarius deliciosus) or genuine Reizker is a mushroom from the kind of the Milchlinge (Lactarius). Latin name deliciosus "delicious" means. The German name Reizker is a word of slawischen origin and can as "Rotmilchling" be translated. Characteristic characteristic of the Edelreizkers is as with all attraction core the aqueous milk, those in injury places withdraws and in contrast to the other Milchlingen and attraction core lively orange (and never wine-red!) is colored.

As food mushroom the Edelreizker unfolds its pleasant, somewhat taste by strong Anbraten.


  • The hats become broad and wavy to 20 cm, it are thus a very large kind. The hat skin is more or less spotted and exhibits often concentric ring zones.
  • The lamellas are usually running down and lively orange colored.
  • The handle is in the age hollow, like the hat colored and exhibits charakterische, very flat pits.
  • The meat is first orange and can train also greenish tones in the age.
  • The milk is orange colored and become green after some hours.
  • Occurrence: The Edelreizker is a Mykorrhiza mushroom of the Kiefer. It prefers neutral to kalkhaltige soils.


Under the designation "genuine Reizker" or "Blutreizker" one means sometimes still similar kinds, which are all together edible or at least innocuous in the vernacular. A common and safe characteristic is their reddish milk, which differentiates it from other ungeniessbaren or poisonous Milchlingen.

  • As very good food mushrooms the splinter Green Kiefernreizker (L. semisanguifluus) are considered, as well as the wine-red Kiefernreizker (L. sanguifluus). First differs from the Edelreizker by the not grubigen handle and the hats dark-green discolouring with older copies. The latter forms a rapidly wine-red discolouring milk at interfaces.
  • The most frequently occurring Fichtenreizker (L. deterrimus) is geschmacklich rather inferior than the Reizker specified above. This kind gets green marks at points of contact already soon. It occurs only under spruces.
  • A further kind, which grows only under firs, is the Lachsreizker (L. salmonicolor). Since its taste already exhibits a rather bitter component, it is considered to most as ungeniessbar.

All Reizkerarten is less for cooking suitably separates better to the roast. By the way the urine can color itself red after the benefit of attraction core, which however is completely harmless.


  • Marcel Bon: Pareys book of the mushrooms, publishing house Paul Parey, Hamburg, Berlin, 1988. ISBN 3490198182 (seized to a large extent. ; there is not the publishing house any longer)

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