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Economic property or also economical property one generally calls all means or achievements (special goods, services and rights to use), which serve the need satisfaction directly or indirectly.

Kinds of goods according to the criterion of the availability

Free and economical goods

Here free and economical (knappe) goods can be differentiated. A property is free, if it is present in the area concerned at the regarded time in so large quantity that each humans can consume so many units of the property, as he wants, and/or is reached to its saturation quantity. An example of it is sand in the desert or seawater in the sea. Free goods have the characteristic that one cannot require a price for them. However the separation between both kinds of goods is indistinct: A normally free property is under other circumstances possibly no more freely (seawaters in the desert or sand in the sea) and costs money.

Knappe of goods and managing

Since free goods do not have a price, managing and economical organization are only in connection with limited goods of importance (scarceness). To their acquisition must be gone around economically with the available means (to economize).

Generally the theory of the exchange teaches as origin thought of economic acting that goods economically used (exchanged) to become to be able only if the exchange a goal reconciliation of different border rates of the substitution is. For this the following criteria are important for the respective Tauschpartner, which a property the exchange ability and thus restaurant economics become to let: Availability, desiringness, scarceness, exchangeability.

Kinds of goods after excluding barness and rivalry

Kinds of goods according to the criterion of the excluding barness (Exkludierbarkeit) other potenzieller users

Here one can differentiate with respect to exclusion making possible goods and exclusion not making possible goods. Most goods of the daily life make it possible to exclude persons from their consumption. Not the case is this however bspw. with air; in order to exclude a person from the consumption of air, air in their surrounding field would have to be evacuated. Typical other examples of goods, which do not make an exclusion possible of individual persons, are national defense (one cannot exclude an individual citizen from the fact that he is militarily defended in case of an attack is protected) or dykes (all humans, who live behind a dyke, against floods - the exclusion is not possible individually). However a tendency shows up increasing excluding barness: Goods such as television or the use of roads permit today, differently than in former times, the exclusion individual (over paying television and duty). Differently expressed: Reaching excluding barness is only a question of the price - by high costs the mentioned dyke could be built for example around a certain house and be excluded this thus from the protection.

Kinds of goods after the rivalry in the consumption

One differentiates here with respect to rival goods and non-rival goods. Rival it is characterised goods by the fact that the consumption of a property or prevents by a consumer the consumption of the same property by another consumer. Typical non-rival of goods are e.g. Television (if in the adjoining house one watches television, does not worsen the own receipt thereby not) or breathing. However bread, which a consumer eats, can be consumed not at the same time in its entirety by another person. Also in this category gray areas result: So the property is first not motorway use rival, since a second car on the motorway does not disturb the individual driver. With strongly increasing traffic however also the motorway use becomes rival.

Goods classification after excluding barness and rivalry

From the two latter criteria a four-field matrix can be provided (politisierte goods so mentioned and political club goods are not considered herein).

After kinds of goods the (Materialit¤t)

One differentiates in this connection in material goods (also as "special goods" or "goods", e.g. house marks) and immaterial goods. The latters can be divided again into services (e.g. physician attendance) and idealistic goods (like e.g. patents). Also here the transition is flowing. So a car is without a doubt a special property, while the customer service at mentioned car is a service.

Kinds of goods after the intended purpose

Differences becomes here into consumer goods (e.g. food, books) and production goods (e.g. a commercial ice machine), by which the consumer goods are only manufactured. The production goods can exhibit two different characteristics: If the production goods are used during the production process, then one speaks of consumer goods. Here it, raw materials (e.g. iron ore) applies, to differentiate between fuels (for example coal) and auxiliary materials (e.g. lubricants with the use of a machine). With the other kind of production goods stands not consumption in the foreground, but their use. One calls these goods capital goods.

Kinds of goods after their production characteristic

Separation into direct goods or also raw materials, those directly into a production flows (e.g. metal for an autowork) and indirect goods, those for the maintenance of the enterprise serves (e.g. sandpaper, office furniture); The latters often become in the context of the E-Procurement as MRO goods called (of the English Maintain - Repair - Operate).

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