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Eberhard Sinner (* 20 November 1944 in peppering castle) is a German politician (CSU).

It is since 29 November 2005 directors/conductors of the Bavarian state chancellery.

Training and occupation

After the Abitur 1963 Sinner completed a study of the forest science in Munich and Freiburg in mash gau, which he terminated 1968 as diploma forest landlord and 1970 with the large Forstlichen state examination. It occurred then the service of the Free State of Bavaria and was only in the Department of State for nutrition, agriculture and forests and then starting from 1974 active during the Bavarian federal state representation in Bonn. From 1978 to 1986 it led the Forstamt in at the Main.


Eberhard Sinner is married and has two children.

A party

Since 1970 it is member of the CSU. Sinner is deputy chairmen of the CSU Bezirksverbandes Lower Franconia.


From 1978 to 1996 it was member of the town councillor von Lohr at the Main and belonged since 1978 the Kreistag of the district Main Spessart on.

Since 1986 it is member of the Bavarian federal state parliament.

Public offices

On 30 January 2001 it was appointed as a Minister of State for health, nutrition and consumer protection into the state government of the Free State of Bavaria led of Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber. From 14 October 2003 Sinner was on Minister of State for European affairs and regional relations in the Bavarian state chancellery. On 29 November 2005 it replaced Erwin Huber, which became economics and a transport minister, as a boss of the state chancellery.

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