Demagnetize (of English demagnetize = demagnetises) was a secret operation of the CIA in Italy and France starting from 1948, which are exact end not well-known. A goal of the operation was to reduce the increasing influence of the communist parties in both countries in order to turn the threatening seizure of power away by choice victories. In addition should be reduced the influence of the communist parties in the Italian and French governments and particularly to the trade unions. This seemed particularly urgent, since in Italy 1948 a choice victory of the KPI appeared. The name of the operation comes from the request, Italy and France from communism to “demagnetises”

For this purpose the CIA used among other things its good contacts to the Italian secret services, particularly to the military secret service Servizio Informazioni Forze Armate (SIFAR), whose structure under guidance of the CIA and coordination of NATO had taken place. Among other things by the solid financial and logistic assistance of the CIA DC favored by it (Democrazia Cristiana – a Christian-democratic party of Italy) achieved a dominating position, which could hold them until 1993 in changing coalitions.

The operation Demagnetize formed the beginning to at least into the 1980er years of handing complex of secret service operations in Italy. The constant core element was discrediting the communist party and/or radical linking through in the name of left-wing extremist committed terrorist attacks (see red brigades). This by the statements of the right terrorist and Gladio member Vincenzo Vinciguerra as strategy of the tension, condemned because of murder, admits become proceeding should a general climate of the fear in the society stir up at the same time and thus the call after a “strong hand” and repressive measures of the state carry.

At the procedures influential persons from the Italian policy, which takes part secret services, the military and the economy, were particularly in form of the Geheimloge propaganda Due (see in addition also the CIA operation Gladio). The procedures documented contrary to most operations of the CIA abroad well, since in Italy at the beginning of the 1990er years a set of judicial investigations took place, beginning with a process in Bologna to the murders at three Carabinieri in Peteano to 31. May 1972. The right-wing extremist Vincenzo Vinciguerra was condemned to life imprisonment, accused was also a former boss of the military secret service SISMI.

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