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The explosive dynamite was invented 1866 in with Hamburg by the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel and patented in October 1867.

Dynamite consists of three parts Glycerintrinitrat (Nitroglycerin) as explosive component, a part Kieselgur as substrate and small admixtures of Natriumcarbonat (soda) as chemical stabilizer. Since Nitroglycerin is extremely explosive and already with lighter impacts and vibrations explodes, it came regularly to devastating By a coincidence Alfred Nobel found out that Nitroglycerin becomes into the micro-porous Kieselgur mixed more insensitively to impacts and vibrations. It can be brought however by a to the explosion.

Thus Alfred Nobel had invented the first technically manageable explosive, which was clearly stronger than the black powder. In the time of the industrialization a very large need existed for such potent explosives in the mining industry, quarries and for the route and tunnel construction of traffic routes. Against multiple statement the classical (Gur) dynamite Alfred Nobels was never used in the war, since it was still much too sensitive for this purpose. Dynamite is already used for many decades no longer commercially. It replaced of the nitrate of ammonia explosives, clearly cheaper and safer to handle are during same explosiveness and higher work.

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