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Dutch Schultz actually: Arthur Flegenheimer (* 6 August 1902 in the Bronx, New York town center; "† 24 October 1935 in Newark) was an US-American gangster from the surrounding field of Lucky Luciano.

Arthur Flegenheimer was born as a son of GermanJewish immigrants. It began already early its criminal career and at the age by 17 years first time because of theft was condemned. After its release it could Dutch Schultz be called ""; after the model of a gangster from past days.

It recognized fast, which could be earned into the Prohibition with smuggling very much money. Schultz and its partner Joey Noe smuggled above all beer. This happened with so large success that he also the Beer baron of the Bronx was called.

End to his career

The public prosecutor Thomas Dewey pursued Dutch Schulz with large employment and hardness. Flegenheimer decided thereupon to let Dewey kill. He hoped for the support of Albert Anastasia. This informed however Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky of the plans. They decided instead to let Dutch Schultz murder. On 23 October it became of Charlie Workman on the gentlemen's toilet of the "Palace Chop House" in Newark angeschossen. It died on the next day at 20 o'clock 35 in the Newark hospital. Together with him also his accountant Otto Berman became, its bodyguard Lulu Rosenkrantz and its main helper Abe Landau with the assault of Charlie Workman and its accomplice Emmanuel white angeschossen. They all died a little later at their firing wounds. Thus his enemies as well as Schultz had also switched its Hauptgefolgsleute off. Dutch Schultz is added today, as demarcation to in principle the purely Italian mafia, the "Cosher Nostra".

Dutch Schultz in the Kriminalfilm

  • Altogether 17 times Schultz in different Kriminalfilmen represented since 1936, among them also of Rutger Hauer, Dustin Hoffman and Vic Morrow, to which in the most well-known film "dead ones cannot sing it no more "(Portrait OF A Mobster) (1961) played.
  • The moreover his person in the Simpsons consequence was persifliert the beer baron.

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  • William S. Burroughs: The last words of Dutch Schultz ISBN 3548031161

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