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The duration of the school is different from country to country.


In Germany the duration of the school time is regulated due to the culture sovereignty of the countries by federal state law, it exists however a fundamental compulsory schooling in most countries 9 the years enclosure.

Main graduation

For reaching main graduation everywhere 9 years are necessary in Germany.

Middle ripe ones

Around this conclusion to reach 10 school years are necessary.


The school time up to the Abitur amounted to in Germany since that 19. Century thirteen years.

In the GDR the university-level graduation was already reached after twelve years. Saxonia and Thuringia maintained the twelve-year-old boys school time - after the end of the GDR -. This precedent as well as the comparison with nearly throughout the shorter school time in other states and the financial need of the Lands of the Federal Republic released a country wide trend for the of the school time on twelve years (see also: eight-year old High School).

After today's (February 2005) conditions there are twelve-year-old boys a school time in

  • Saxonia and Thuringia.

The conversion on twelve years is planned, begun or decided in

  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for the first time with Abitur class 2008
  • Saxonia-Anhalt, again with Abitur class 2008
  • Saarland, for the first time with Abitur class 2009
  • Hamburg, for the first time with Abitur class 2010
  • Bavaria, for the first time with Abitur class 2011
  • Lower Saxony, for the first time with Abitur class 2011
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg, for the first time with Abitur class 2012
  • Berlin, for the first time with Abitur class 2012
  • Hessen, for the first time with Abitur class 2013
  • North Rhine-Westphalia, for the first time with Abitur class 2013

In Rhineland-Palatinate there is a twelve-one half-year old school time (Mainzer study stage), in order to make for the pupils possible the entrance in the summer semester of the universities. The written Abitur examinations thus usually lie in January. At the beginning of March gives it the regular certifications to the class 13, in the middle of March lies the Abitur examinations and at the end of March is usually the dismissal celebration of the high school graduates, at which the Abitur certifications are expenditure-divided.

Optionally the Abitur can be put down into Bavaria, Berlin, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rheinland-Pfalz at selected schools also after twelve years.

For the university entrance it might become very problematic that in the years mentioned (2008-2013) at the same time in each case two of classes - after 12 and/or 13 years school time - the Abitur placing.


Main graduation

In Austria the minimum school time is 9 years. Those consist the so-called polytechnic institute of 4 classes elementary school, 4 classes hauptschule or the lower level of the High School and 1 year.


The polytechnic institute can be replaced however by other possibilities:

Starting from the 9. School stage begins the upper stage of the High School (also general screen end higher school, briefly AHS) and ends with the Matura after the 12. School stage.

One knows in addition, a professional training higher school, briefly BHS, visits, after the 13. School stage with the Matura locks.

A third possibility is the attendance of the professional training middle school, of the 9. up to 12. School stage lasts. The conclusion is to equate with a training conclusion. After this school one can visit a two-year Kolleg in subjects of the training conclusion and reached also the university-level graduation.


In Switzerland there - dependent on the respective canton - are High Schools, which end to preceding obligation kindergarten with class 12 or 13, whereby nine years obligation school time the rule is, mostly with one year. After the obligation school years can follow still three to four years High School.

The first day at school mostly takes place between the sixth and seventh Lebensjahr.

Canton pc. Gallen

In the canton pc. Gallen is prescribed at least one year kindergarten. Afterwards the six-year Primarschule must be visited. The upper stage contains either three years six-form high school or three years secondary level school, whereby the scholastically stronger pupils visit the secondary level school. Thus the mandatory school time is final. The tenth school year is fakultativ and often a welcome bypass, if no suitable training place can be found.

The of the canton school attaches to the second class of the secondary level school and takes four years. Besides Gallen can be visited after the sixth Primarschuljahr a pro High School in pc., which then to the test-free crossing into the canton school entitled.

Alternatively to it also the occupation middle school (BMS) can be visited during or after teachings. This lasts during teachings three to four years and makes the test-free entrance possible into a university. The BMS can be locked also after the teachings as full time school within nine months.

With a or a the entrance into a professional school is respectable possible for university without entrance examination normally. A number clausus exists however for example with the medicine study, for which a separate examination must be taken. The higher education takes usually six terms, whereby one can attach resuming courses of studies afterwards.


The compulsory schooling in Australia prevails from 6-15 age year (16 years in Tasmanien). Own prevail school law beside the public schools give it in all stages also private schools in each state and Terretorium. Are prescribed for the private schools 8 key subjects, in which 60 lessons each are prescribed for each for terms, to learn the fundamental abilities.

For most children the basic school time begins with 5 years. The basic school time lasts to in 7. or 8. School year. Then one changes into the resuming schools, which one up to 10. School year to visit must. The preparatory school and the 11. and 12. School year are no obligation.

The school year runs from January to Decembers, in the final result as in Europe von Sommer- to summer holidays.

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