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Dungeon of victories is a Action Fantasy game of roles for the PC. The first part 2002 published, a little later followed the extension Dungeon of victories: Legends OF Aranna (it the main program as well as the Addon contains). It was developed by gas Powered Games and WAD Doc software, Microsoft is the Publisher. On 14 August 2005 Dungeon appeared victories II. (in Europe officially on 2 September 2005)

The goal of the play consists of releasing the country from bad and dangerous creatures to. Dungeon of victories is somewhat differently steered than some other game of roles. Those up to eight characters move themselves by Mausklicks, attack or take up an article. The keyboard is needed only for certain combinations of keys, as e.g. drink health drink.

The computer game exhibits a very much detailed diagram, also otherwise belongs it to the best Action ("chop and Slay") - to games of roles. However fans of traditional games of roles do not come at their expense. In addition a certain measure of a "character" is missing to the Protagonisten. Evenly simply there they fight for to property and are. Further interactions, like e.g. discussions, do not take place. The speech portion exclusively is with NPCs ("Non Player character"; Non--player characters).

The play is certified by the USK for young people starting from 12 years.

Dungeon of victories II uses the interface DirectSong.


In principle between four weapon and charm types one differentiates, between which a character can change fast.

  • Close-range weapon (Dolch, sword, axe, hammer, etc.)
  • Remote combat weapon (elbow, arm chest, etc.)
  • Nature charm (reduction, frost ball, nature, etc. swore to)
  • Combat charm (Hypnose, clones, natures, etc. swore to)

In each of these types a character has a stage. At the beginning this is everywhere zero. Unfortunately there is a maximum stage of 150. Depending upon that, with which weapons he will fight, these levels will increase. It is thus a specialization freely selectable in the play possible on a weapon class. The development level of all weapon and charm classes to develop evenly is possible, does not save however not the desired in favor of the simpler play barness without further specializations was advantage unfortunately done. So one can specialize evenly not in swords OR axes OR but only generally in close-range weapons or evenly remote combat weapons. The distinction between 2 charm classes is in this regard a beginning, but in the long term nevertheless a little little.

Play modes

Dungeon of victories is both a Singleplayer and Multiplayer play. On-line offer (server use) is free in the range of the zone furnished by Microsoft. In this zone world-wide all Dungeon victory players meet, so that one finds a play partner in on-line mode definitely with this play. There are around the clock min. 40 servers. Unfortunately one cannot with other versions interactions.


A filming of the computer game is turned off at present by director Uwe Boll and according to Boll end of the yearly 2006 under the title "The name OF the King - A Dungeon of victories Tale "into the cinemas will come. In the main roles about 60 million US Dollar of the expensive film Jason Statham, Claire Forlani, Matthew Lillard, Ray Liotta, EH PAD mountain, Ron Perlman, Burt Reynolds and John Rhys Davies to see will be among other things.

Called according to Boll the film simply "Dungeon of victories ", there only about 15 minutes of the film in caves (Dungeon) to actually play. In addition the action of the film follows not exactly the play action, but is so far distant from the fact that one thinks differently about a Dungeon victories 2-Addon, which is based on the film action.


The engine of Dungeon of victories serves also as basis for the project Ultima 5 Lazarus. This concerns the successful attempt to play Ultima 5 with a current engine. Owners of Dungeon of victories (PC and Mac) can use the software thus for a further play.

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