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Dungeon master (English dungeon master) was the first real time computer game of roles and appeared 1987. The play action took place in an underground labyrinth represented in Zentralperspektive.

Dungeon master was ajar in each regard strongly against the typical paper and pencil games of roles and converted all traditional elements of these plays in a diagram high-quality in relation to the state of the art and the real time play mode completely new for computer games of roles. Thus it created a new, very successful play category, which the strengths of the complex, but ponderous round-based computer game of roles with those of the simple snapped, but Action Adventures combined.

Diagram technology

The computer capacity when the appearance Dungeon master used Motorola 68000-Prozessoren required the diagram of the 3D-Umgebung with static diagrams for all possible play elements.

Although Texture Mapping was not yet possible, Dungeon master has later plays as 1992 published Ultima the Underworld - which first real time game of roles with texturierter 3D-Grafik - contentwise strongly affects.


Dungeon master appeared 1987 of FTL Games for the Atari ST and on many further systems was then portiert: Amiga, PC, super Nintendo Entertainment system, Apple II gs, X68000, PC-98 and FM-Towns. This play has other 3D-Rollenspiele, e.g. Eye OF the Beholder, Black Crypt inspires.

The special at Dungeon master was that it did not use coincidentally generated monsters, but already fixed, which could move however more or less freely as the first game of roles, while one ran by the courses. Accordingly the monsters in real time attacked, and not as for instance with Wizardry was based.


A large Magier looks for an ultimative charm weapon, the Firestaff. During the experiments a misfortune and the Magier happen split up into its good and his bad I (lord chaos). At the same time a disaster happens in the environment. Hundreds of adventurers pilgern into the Dungeon, in order to eliminate the evil, but all fail. Lord chaos hung the twenty-four best adventurers up in the form of Bilderrahmen, according to kind of a picture gallery, for deterrence in the first level. The player is to select now, in the role of the assistant of the Magiers, up to four adventurers, whom Firestaff find and which re-establish reality.

The beginning

The selected adventurers begin in the condition and with the abilities, which they possessed, when they deceased. The player can decide now whether he again-arouses the adventures, or whether they are to be again-born. The latter entails all acquired experiences to be lost (with it the play becomes only once more difficult, but but the player has larger control of the career/development of the character).

The level

The whole play consists of 14 Leveln (inclusive the gallery). Lord chaos is with in a part of the three tenth level, which one can reach however only by means of the lowest level. The degree of difficulty rises from level to level. The first level is still free from monsters. In fourth and in the ninth level the player created himself after that free free of monsters one point of retreat, where the adventurers - due to infinite water and - can train arbitrarily long and rest themselves.

Magic system

Master is as is the case for Fantasy games of roles usual working magic is a firm component of the play with Dungeon. While Dungeon master orients itself generally very closely at the all paper and pencil games of roles, the magic system is expressed innovative and uses consciously the possibilities, which the realization of the play on a computer offers.

While in traditional games of roles spells are firmly defined and must the control of each spell by the play figure be acquired individually, Dungeon master uses a flexible system, with which spells can be built up after regularities implemented in the play.

Darkness, enemies and mysteries make the control of the spells a necessity. The sayings are represented by combination from two to four "runes", which cannot be used in arbitrary order and arbitrary combination. The runes are from the outset present, the Manaverbrauch and the complexity of the charms limit their use however first. The charms are in Magier (fight, light) and priest sayings (healing, protection) partitions. A saying constructs itself as follows: "Strength element form adjustment "in this order.

That means, which the simplest sayings exist only out "strength element ". Better sayings contain.

ElementYa (earth)Vi (water)Oh (air)Ful (fire)(Anti)Zo (pro)
FormVen (poison)EwKath (expansion)IRBroFermented
AdjustmentKu (way of the Kriegers)Ros (way of the thief)Dane (way of the Zauberers)Neta (way of the priest)RA (light)Sar (darkness)

In order to understand the system, here a few examples:

  • Around light to produce one needs the element fire, therefore the saying is around light to produce "strength Ful ". An activated "Lo Ful "lightens the Dungeon for a relatively short time, "a Mon Ful "continues substantially longer.
  • One wants to produce a cloud from poisonous gas; in addition one needs the Oh-rune (air), the Ven rune (poison) and the rune, which represent the strength

Not at all all sayings are so logically developed, and most possible combinations do not result in a saying. 6 + 36 + 216 = 258 potential sayings would be theoretically possible. But with the six "only" four a valid saying already result in possible two-combination. With some these sayings must one additionally an empty Phiole in the hand hold. Altogether there are only 25 sequence by the program is given.

YaDrink (Phiole needs)
ViHeal-climb (Phiole needs)
ZoDoor opener
Vi BroGegengifttrank (Phiole needs)
Oh VenPoisonous gas cloud
Ful IRFire ball
The VenPoison projectile
Zo VenPoison garnet (Phiole needs)
Oh Kath RAFire projectile
Oh IR RAbetter light saying
Zo Bro RAMana drink (Phiole needs)

The magic system is like a black box. One can activate, enough Mana presupposed each combination. That, initially coincidental, success depends thereby reliably on the stage, which one reached as Magier and/or a priest. Also gets someone, which did not play the play ever, and also still no listing of the valid sayings read, so gradually, to read on scrolls valid sayings. An automatic system, with which one can activate a finished saying on push of a button, or a reminder system, in which the once read sayings are noted, does not give it. The player must make himself notes.

Character system

There are four adjustments, in which an adventurer can train itself further: The way Krieger, the Ninja/thief, the Zauberers and, zuguterletzt, priests.

  • With the fight with close-range weapons the appropriate adventurer increases his status as a Krieger, and gets strengthening and perseverance points in addition.
  • By training with punches, footsteps, throw weapons and thief talents such as lock cracks and climb with ropes, attain the adventurer better Ninja ranks and, from this following, more skill and somewhat more strength.
  • With light and combat sayings the adventurer in its rank rises as Zauberer, and improves its supply of Mana and something wisdom.
  • With the use of welfare and protection sayings the adventurer in its rank rises as priest and above all his wisdom.

Training in the retreat zones

While one is in one of the two retreat zones, one can by expressing light, fight. and welfare sayings, as well as by punches and footsteps in emptiness the charm he, priest and Ninja level of its adventurers increase, and so its abilities improve. With a Joystick with sustained fire one knew the punches in emptiness automating, and during the training phase something else in such a way to make (e.g. cook a coffee).


So that it does not only get to do the player with monsters, also traps are in the form of drop pits and holes, which discharge fire balls, poison projectiles or poison clouds, which reduce all temporarily the health of the adventurers. In addition each level is divided into ranges, which are by locked doors from each other separated, and to which the player must find or fight for the suitable keys only.

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