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Dungeon & Dragons - Stormreach (so the official title) belongs to the MMORPGs. The play was driven out by Atari and appeared in March 2006 for the PC. The basis to the play is the Fantasy game of roles Dungeon & Dragons (short D&D) with the rules specified there.

Play principle

After the installation and the registration for the play player can provide a row at characters. These characters have a set of attributes and abilities. Apart from the usual basic attributes such as strength, fate and so on gives it a multiplicity of abilities, which can be out-arranged individual for each character. By this for example as special abilities fall as locks crack, traps defuse, traps discover and similar more. Contrary to a number of other MMORPGs the character production and individual arrangement are arranged quite detailed.

Apart from the bases evenly specified there are to five different races as well as nine different classes, from which the character originates. Mentioned is from the races a machine race, which affects the play in the kind that this is quite strong, however a row at articles not use cannot, which at the disposal is to the remaining races and can further not healed but only be repaired.

Expiration of the play

The play takes place in the city Stormreach. Therefore also the official title Dungeon & Dragons - Stormreach. Underneath this city there is a multiplicity of and in which different groups meet. The goals of some of these groups exist in simple crimes, while there is a group, which aims at the destruction of the entire human civilization.

The task repeats the players, who arrive into the city, received here, in groups the most diverse to and tasks enter to fulfill there. Thus are kidnapped persons from the hands of the kidnappers released, untote or magic opponents to kill or determined articles be saved.

Contrary to World OF Warcraft takes place the play happening most time over within defined ranges. In the city they can Stormreach, in which many players can be at any time, tasks take over and act. The actual tasks are then settled however in the so-called instances. That has the advantage that each group can settle their task alone and by other groups thereby is not disturbed. In addition, it has the disadvantage that thereby the illusion of a comprehensive world is destroyed.

Communication and group identification

As used it is possible with this title to step over a Chat window with the remaining players in contact. Additionally there is however still another its own window, over which groups can be found. Here the interested player can indicate in a tabular overview, what for fellow combatants he looks for (both Klasse/n and stage of the characters) and for which it it searches. Turned around it can now of each player, who angechattet himself interested in it concerning this. Additionally it is faded in whether the player fulfills the minimum requirements. Thereby the Chat of the usual "search group" becomes - inquiries settled and the search for groups simplifies.


Dungeon & Dragons - Stormreach represents partially a reminiscence to classical games of roles. While titles simulate such as World OF Warcraft or Final Fantasy XI a whole world, in which the illusion is offered to the player, part of this world to be, offer Dungeon & Dragons - Stormreach rather the possibility of investigating with other players underground labyrinths in such a world.

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