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Duke two is a real time strategy play.

1989 by Technossoft for the Sega mega drive, and is a successor of the play duke for the MSX was developed.

This play is considered as the oldest play, which those admitted today elements of the category real time strategy in play form converts.

In the play one acts in real time against a computer-controlled opponent on an upper map. Both parties have a homeland basis, besides is a larger number of neutral Basen distributed on the maps (something similar as with Z), which one can conquer. In the respective Basen a selection of different troop types (for example infantry, tank, defense towers) can be built, and be built with an order (to attack, defend, basis conquer). After these units were used, they act independently after them given the instructions.

The cursor of the play is a characteristic, since it interacts directly with the play. It concerns thereby a jet which hostile units can to attack, own units (individual) transported and into a soil combat robot transform can. It is possible to destroy it for short time however it will emerge very fast again with the homeland basis.

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