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Are attached with the at hoses in regular intervals of discharge openings, the only small, accurate quantities of water usually 2-4 l/h), to a large extent independently of the pressure in the piping, deliver.

Originally thin side hoses (Spaghetti) were connected at the main hoses. If much water should come from the side hoses, then these were in-shortened, which reduced the friction resistance of the pipe. Today an emitter part with an integrated labyrinth limits the yielded quantity of water, which side hose usually only used with the irrigation of single pots.

That irrigation-drip with low pressures i.e. 0.7 to 3.7 bar one drives. Within the slope range it must be paid attention to the fact that all water within the lower range does not escape from the dripping system. Around this to avoid there are meanwhile dripping systems which also pressure-compensating the difference of pressure by the adjusts. In high-quality dripping systems diaphragms are integrated, which open only starting from a certain pressure and so also empty run the drip tube in the deepest place prevent.

In dry countries to the water developed, this procedure in Central Europe in the protected gardening cultivation under glass or under foil, and with the viticulture (e.g. in the Wachau), in addition, in the back garden and in park plants application finds saving employment increasing. Apart from accurate applying of the water under avoidance of Verdunstungsverlusten and the associated possibility also nutrients directly the water to add is an advantage of the procedure that the sheets are not moistened and mushroom illnesses of the plants not are thus continued to promote.

In arid and semiarid areas the droplet irrigation strengthens the salting of the soil, since harmful salts no more are not washed by larger quantities of water, how they are used with conventional irrigation methods.

It is negative that the hoses and Tropfer can clog particularly with the admixture of fertilizers. This can be partly prevented by upstream filters. Dripping irrigations are more cost-intensive in the acquisition, which makes itself very fast paid however by the saving of water.

In the modern horticulture the employment takes place from dripping irrigations using further technology such as sensors, single solenoid valves and appropriate controllers, which regulate the time and the height of the water gifts.

The is one of the usually verwendesten irrigation techniques in Europe.

See: Spray irrigation, irrigation

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