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Domenica Niehoff, admits as Domenica (* 3 August 1945 in Cologne), is a former noble prostitute, Domina and a Streetworkerin in Hamburg. It is considered as of Germany a most prominent former prostitute. Admits became it particularly by appearances in TV-Talkshows in the 80's, in which it fought for the acknowledgment and legalization of the profession of the prostitutes.


Domenica Niehoffs nut/mother Anna fled with its children from a marriage with a violent married man. It held its children with small frauds over water, was however soon arrested. Niehoff grew thereupon with its brother up to their 14. Lebensjahr in a catholic orphanage up. She learned the occupation of a lady bookkeeper. With 17 years she became acquainted with a owner of brothel, whom she married later. After ten-year marriage, 1972, when Niehoff was 27 years old, took itself its man the life. In the same year she began to work in Hamburg palaces d'Amour (large brothel) and in the harsh RTS route as prostitutes. Later it operated its own Studio and became than sumptuous Domina admits.

1979 reached it Germany far admittingness and were promoted in the 80's by numerous medium appearances to in demand medium star and to the most prominent prostitute of Germany. In TV-Talkshows it appeared as for the rights of prostitutes, the acknowledgment and the legalization of the profession of the prostitutes.

As a well-known prostitute she came into contact with prominent ones from art and culture and served them as MUSE. The Popgruppe Trio illustrated Hamburg prostitutes on the Plattencover of the single "Bum Bum "nothing else as the deeply cut out that. On the chests - with Lippenstift drawn - the two words stand "for Bum "and "Bum ". First the photo for reasons of the protection of children and young people should be forbidden, could then for the Cover of the single be however nevertheless used - it played also in the music video of the same name that volume also. The writer wolf Wondratschek dedicated poems, it to her "a Hure to inside into their large slow-acting heart ", "and into the legs a woman ", "if her with the back wackelt, flows the rivers uphill ". Niehoff operated socially among other things with Tomi Ungerer, refuge Janssen, Alfred Hrdlicka and the married couple of Thurn and taxis. It arose in several films, among other things. "Messalina - 1980, "taxi to Cairo" 1987, "far country Pa-isch" 1994. 1993 the director Peter Kahn a documentary feature turned empress and Hure" over her life, which was evaluated of critics however as too long-winded.

1990 terminated it their activity as a prostitute and worked strengthened in social projects.

1991 were Niehoff Mitinitiatorin of the prostitute aid project Ragazza registered association in Hamburg quarters the pc. George. She cared for as a social female worker young drug-addicted girls and women, who financed and of the prostitution to step out wanted their craze by prostitution. 1997, with 52 years, gave it up their cooperation. That Hamburg morning mail said it: "I do not hold that any longer out [...] for me are more than a half dozen of girls away-died at an overdose poison, by AIDS, and one was murdered. Perhaps one bears that as but no more with my 52 years. "

On the occasion of the international Comic days in Hamburg their nine well-known Comiczeichner a Portfolio with nine sheets dedicated 1993.

1994 published it their autobiography "bodies with soul - my life ", which was noted by Hans Eppendorfer.

To the attendance of Pope Johannes Paul IITH in Berlin 1996 spoke Niehoff in a Pope-similar garb with a demonstration the Transsexuelle Charlotte of meal village "holy ", which caused conservative politicians of the CSU, in the Bundestag a bill to present (insult of a religious confession without disturbance of the public peace), which was rejected however by the remaining parties.

1998 to 2000 operated it to Hamburg fish market a small tavern ("Fick ") it from financial reasons (20,000 DM tax liabilities) to conclude had.

2001 died their brother. Today it lives in Boos (the Eifel) in the house inherited by their brother. From the inheritance she could settle their commitments according to own data.

The exhibition Sexarbeit prostitution - environments and myths in the museum for work Hamburg gives to famous prostitutes such as Rosemarie Nitribitt, Christine Keeler and also Domenica Niehoff special attention (4 November 2005 to 7. May 2006).


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