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DOCK stands for short test for general base quantities of the data processing. It was called in former times "short test for general intelligence".

The DOCK is a psychometrischer performance inspection for the collection of the capacity of the main memory (= short-time storage capacity), in which the conversion of the conscious information takes place. Therefore it forms the basis for fluids intelligence achievements, thus the ability, without solving resort to experiences, new problems mentally.

The measure of the capacity of the main memory is the bit. For the adult normal population had been determined the distribution of 80 29 bits. Differently than with the intelligence level, which is determined by the IQ, it is justified to determine proportional changes of the main memory capacity (bit).

Determination of the main memory capacity

For the determination of the main memory capacity two Untertests are removed:

  • As rapid a reading of stochastically independent letters as possible. By the read time the data processing speed (bit/s) can be calculated, because the subjective information content of the presented letters admits is.
  • After-say as long a series of numbers like 5 9 as possible 1 3"… and to letters such as u n r z"…. The indications are presented in the distance of one second each in ever longer lines: only three indications, if they are repeated correctly, then 4, afterwards 5 etc. from it the noticing span (= present duration, often synonymously the memory span) in the time unit "s" is determined.

The main memory capacity corresponds to the product from data processing speed and noticing span.


The DOCK is standardized for persons starting from 18 years. It is used for the fast collection of the individual main memory capacity. To the result can be assigned on the basis a table (fluids) of the IQ. Further accomplished with it process investigations, e.g. as a check of influences such as nutrition, medication, change of the sense capability etc. on the mental efficiency. The acceptance time takes about eight minutes with the first time, when repetitions usually two to four minutes. For repetitions parallel procedures are available.

See also

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