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Dock Uwe von Hassel (* 21 April 1913 in refines, German East Africa (today: Tanzania); "† 8. May 1997 in Aachen) was a German politician (CDU).

He was from 1954 to 1963 an Prime Minister of the country Schleswig-Holstein, from 1963 to 1966 Federal Ministers of the defense, from 1966 to 1969 Federal Ministers for refugees, refugees and war-damaged and from 1969 to 1972 president of the German federal daily.

Training and occupation

After the Abitur 1933 in Flensburg Hassel completed agricultural-commercial training and returned 1935 as a plant buyer to Tanganyika. By September 1939 until February 1940 it was then interned in Daressalam and finally proven to Germany. Then the participation in the Second World War followed starting from 1940. 1943 to 1945 were Hassel with the rank of a second lieutenant as an interpreter in the military secret service led of admiral Wilhelm Canaris office foreign country/defense actively and turned out afterwards in war shank until September 1945.

Afterwards it was busy until 1947 as an employee of the district Flensburg.


1919 were proven the family by Hassel from the former colony German East Africa and moved to luck castle (Baltic Sea).

Dock Uwe von Hassel was twice married and had a son and a daughter. 1970 died his son, first lieutenant to sea Joachim of Hassel, with the crash of its Starfighter.

To 8. May 1997 succumbed to dock Uwe von Hassel during the Karl award of the prize in Aachen at the Federal President at that time Professor Dr. Roman duke (CDU) a cardiac infarct.

A party

Since 1946 Hassel was member of the CDU. 1950 it became deputy chairmen and was then from 1955 to finally 1964 regional chairman of the CDU in Schleswig-Holstein, was following it until 1975 stv. Regional chairman. Was from 1956 to 1969 it in addition deputy Federal leaders of the CDU Germany. From 1973 to 1981 he was a president of the European union of Christian democrats.

1968 initiated Hassel the establishment of the CDUnear Hermann Ehlers donation, whose chairman was he long years.


From 1947 to 1963 Hassel member of the town councillor von was, from 1948 to 1955 belonged it also to the Kreistag of the circle Flensburg.

From 1950 to 1965 it was member of the federal state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. It represented there successively the constituencies Flensburg country west, Schleswig and Flensburg west.

1953 were selected of Hassel as a direct candidate of the constituency Schleswig into the German Bundestag, from which he however already separated on 4 November 1954 again, after he had become an Prime Minister of the country Schleswig-Holstein. 1965 it then selected into the Bundestag, to which it belonged now until 1980, now represented it the constituency Steinburg Dithmarschen south again.

On 5 February 1969 it had withdrawn to the successor from Eugen Gerstenmaier, at the end of January from its office, to the president of the German federal daily selected. After the election to the Bundestag 1969 its re-election took place on 20 October 1969 despite the change of government, because CDU and CSU placed further the strongest parliamentary group. Since after the election to the Bundestag 1972 the SPD for the first time placed the strongest parliamentary group in the German Bundestag and so that the right to nominate for the office of the President of the Bundestag had, he became now vice-president of the German federal daily.

When he led president and vice-president of the federal daily also different subs-commission and committees of the Council of Elders and chairman of the committee of the Bundestag was for the keeping of the rights of the representative government in accordance with article 45 of the Basic Law, it led on 30 October 1972 the only meeting, which this committee accomplished ever.

1977 became of Hassel for one year vice-president of the parliamentary meeting of the Council of Europe, from 1977 to 1980 were it a president of the meeting of the WEU. From 17 July 1979 by 23 July 1984 it was member of the first directly selected European parliament.

Hassel became from the Schleswig Holsteini federal state parliament into third (1 July 1959 and fourth (1 July 1964) Presidential Election Council, which selected Heinrich in each case Luebke to Federal President, as well as into the respected (23. May 1984) Presidential Election Council, which selected Richard of sent.

Public offices

By November 1947 until April 1950 mayor von was, thereafter a citizen chief of Hassel.

From 7 August 1951 by 6 August 1954 was Hassel of parliamentary representatives of the Schleswig Holsteini Minister of the Interior. On 11 October 1954 he was selected as a successor of Friedrich William Luebke to the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein. In this function he was from 7 September 1955 by 6 September 1956 also Upper House of Parliament president. Hassel was thus so far an only politician, who was both President of the Bundestag and Upper House of Parliament. From 11 August to 25 November 1955 he was also acting Minister of the Interior and from 21 October 1962 by 7 January 1963 also acting Minister of Justice Schleswig-Holsteins.

When after the mirror affair 1962 the Secretary of Defense at that time Franz Josef bunch had to withdraw, Hassel was appointed on 9 January 1963 as a Federal Minister of the defense into the Federal Government led of Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. It kept this office also under Federal Chancellor Ludwig Erhard.

During the large coalition Hassel belonged to the Federal Government led of Federal Chancellor Kurt George Kiesinger as a Federal Minister for refugees, refugees and war-damaged. On 5 February 1969 it separated from the Federal Government, since it had been selected to the President of the Bundestag.

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Hassel was distinguished on 7 September 1956 with the large cross of the Order of Merit. After him dock Uwe von Hassel and the dock Uwe of Hassel barracks of the clearing-up squadron 51 "Immelmann" was designated in Kropp with Schleswig.

Eight days after its death it was honoured by the German Bundestag with an act of state in the plenary assembly hall.


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  • Uwe Barschel; In the service for the liberty. Dock Uwe von Hassel to 70. Birthday, new cathedral 1983.
  • Philipp Jenninger; Undauntedly for Europe. Anniversary publication for dock Uwe von Hassel to 75. Birthday, Baden-Baden 1988.

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