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DM drugstore market
Form of business organizationGmbH & CO kg
Enterprise seatKarlsruhe
Key persons
  • Werner, partner (50%)
  • Lehmann, partner (50%)
  • Erich Harsch, stellvertr. Managing director
Coworker23.000 in Europe, of it 14,500 in Germany
Conversion3.3 billion euro (2004/2005)

    The DM drugstore market GmbH & CO kg is a German enterprise, which operates DM in central and south Europe drugstore markets under the name.

    Business data

    The first branch opened firm founder W. to Werner 1973 at the age of 29 years in Karlsruhe as DM drugstore market. 1978 gave it already more to than 100 branches in Germany and in Austria.

    In the financial year 2004/2005 (30 September) the enterprise had approximately 23,000 coworkers. A gross income was indicated to 2.4 billion euro by 3.3 billion euro, of it in over 800 the branches in Germany, 328 in Austria and the remainder in approximately 500 branches of seven further European countries (European-wide 1,642 branches). The profit the enterprise gives only vague data. The firm center is in Karlsruhe.

    Beside the acting partner Werner there is one partner since 1974 in the limited partnership only, Lehmann. Due to its business size DM became participation requiring and based in September 2002 a work council as well as in the spring 2003 also a contributed supervisory board with eight workers' delegates.

    In Germany DM thereby is the second largest drugstore market chain behind the main competitor Schlecker (conversion 2002:6,2 billions euro in 10.150 branches). After about thirty years long an informal division of the market between the third biggest German drugstore enterprise Rossmann and DM existed, a displacement competition began in the last years. During Rossmann so far and gave DM the south supplied the north and the east of Germany, now Rossmann up with support of the Hongkonger of company Hutchison Whampoa its restraint. In response DM opens increasingly more branches in the north, in particular in the densely populated areas Hanover and Berlin.

    2005 took over DM 37 branches of the drugstore chain idea - the green drugstore of REWE and integrated the taken over business into the own branch network, the remaining branches of idea went at the competitor Schlecker.

    Since 1986 with DM increasingly self-marks introduced, today (2006) gives it to 21 DM marks with altogether 1,500 products within nearly all assortment ranges. Both in the quality and in the price comparison the DM products lie in tests regularly before the competitors. This product strategy gains meanwhile a portion of the gross income at a value of 30 per cent.

    In Austria DM is registered and belonged as "DM drugstore market GmbH "to 68% of DM drugstore market administration GmbH which the DM drugstore market GmbH & CO kg is subordinate. The remaining 32% holds save trade AG.

    Selling structure

    The strategic adjustment of the customer management of DM begins at the branches and not in the distribution center. The branches becomes the decision over product assortment and - mixes left. Thus a new maximum at delivery efficiency in the sense of the Customer Relationship management (CRM) becomes and the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) reaches.

    New selling ways in form of the digital techniques DM with the" DM-Musicshop "and the immediately printers of digital photos goes. In DM branches gradual printer are set up, so that the customer its digital photos regard locally and can afterwards expressions. "Competition from the drugstore ", daily mirrors, 24 September 2005 with" the DM-Musicshop "offers DM of songs from an offer of 200.000 Songs in the MP3-Format for downloading in the Internet. "DM drugstore market starts on-line Musicshop ", PC world, 25 April 2006


    The often training concept of DM sets on thorough and all-round training of its training, which call Werner aktivisch "Lernlinge ". For the binary professional training of a druggist it gave due to the economic concentration process to a few years ago only eight training and places. Since then however engaged of 1998 at DM also in the professional training, the number of the state of training places of eight rose itself to meanwhile 21. While one puts the emphasis at the vocational schools still on general training for retail trade buyers, DM specializes its Lernlinge purposefully at drugstore-specific expertise. The German market leader Schlecker does against it equivalent completely without the attitude of trained personnel. Also the form of the training differs elementarily from the apprentice training at all. So for instance theatre Workshops of several days is accomplished, in order to prepare the Lernlinge for an occupation-internal flexibility and openness for new and unexpected situations. Since 1998 DM 3500 took over young humans with this specializedspecific training.

    Starting from the autumn 2006 the company agreed upon a partnership with the private Alanus university for art and society with Bonn, guaranteed to DM a financing of forty study places in the Bachelor course of studies management economics. In response managing director Werner of co-operation with the university expects his potential young managers. Alanus studying ones receive interdisciplinary training, which develops their artistic, cultural and philosophical abilities apart from its specializedspecific knowledge also.

    Social and cultural commitment

    On the occasion of the world children's day 2005 on 20 September DM drugstore market of the UNESCO donation transferred "education for children in emergency "an amount of 100.000 euro. This donation goes to two projects in Alexandria/Egypt, a daily center and a place of refuge for road children. The mechanisms are the Waisenkindern to vocational training to help and them also other one support send.

    With free offers DM children wants to obtain an entrance to the music and to instruments in spielerische kind, in co-operation with the Federal union of German music federations registered association. Apart from offers in all DM branches a bus with orchestral instruments drives 100 days long by Germany, in order to interest children in the music making in the spring 2006; 1600 children receive the possibility for the participation in a music course.


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