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District days were the parliaments of the middle management level in the GDR.

According to the dissolution of the countries due to the law over the further democratization of the structure and the function of the national organs in the countries of the German Democratic Republic, adopted by the people chamber on 23 July 1952, the GDR was arranged into the capital Berlin and 14 districts. The district days represented thereby the equivalent to the today's land parliaments. They were determined in the framework by local elections, whereby with the choice only on the agreement or refusal of the single list set up by the national front could be co-ordinated.

The task of the district days was it, over collecting mains, which were brought in by the advice of the district as an executive body to co-ordinate. Theoretically the delegates had also the right to bring in own requests of it however hardly use were made. For decision making of the district daily so-called "destined citizens" could be consulted as experts with consultation.

With the new formation of the countries in the area of the GDR by the land introductory law of the people chamber from 22 July 1990 also the district days heard to exist on.

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