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A disruptive technology was subject to a past technology at the beginning, it brings however a new customer value with itself, which can increase fast.

A disruptive technology makes new product properties possible and improves thereby the achievement regarding one or more characteristics. However this is first also connected with disadvantages regarding other characteristics. These disadvantages are only eliminated in the process of the advancement. The new product makes thereby the development possible of new customer layers. In the Anphangsphase is first not yet so large the potential due to the disadvantages, however the product develops itself further fast.


Internet entrance: The entrance to the Internet by WAP is possible from everywhere, where one has receipt with the mobile telephone. By WAP however not all contents of the WWW are callably are completely impossible and some services such as ftp. The advantage of the local freeness accompanies thus with the disadvantage of the smaller contents depth.

VoIP: First the VoIP technology is still connected with disadvantages: The language quality is first worse, besides are not all telephone numbers attainable. The technology develops itself further, over which development of the Enablers "ADSL" first the language quality improved. Besides offerer makes too normal Festnetz-Nummern.Die possible of prices after the standardisation in SIP minutes an uncomplicated entrance is first still higher, however ever more free connections can be used with rising spreading.

Digital camera: First digital cameras could not convince qualitatively. Dissolutions under 1MP represented a large disadvantage in relation to the classical small picture photography. But also immediately the advantages of this technology were clear: The picture result could not be examined immediately, for numerous snapshots developed further costs and the pictures could be processed immediately or copied. In the meantime the image quality improved so far that digital cameras continue to displace the similar cameras ever.

HalbleiterelektronikIn the initial years were still underlaid the semiconductors for the tubes. As it however semiconductor for larger achievements and higher frequencies succeeded to build, displaced these the tubes ever more, there the semiconductor electronics smaller, more reliably and energy-more efficient is than tube electronics.

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