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With 40 million users the personality profile of John G. Geierein classical author under the personality models is world-wide. It is a diagnostic instrument for the analysis and evaluation of the individual private and vocational team ability. The knowledge helps to understand itself thereby and others in arbeitsteiligen environments better.


The model is based to Behaviour OF normally people on the work of the psychologist William Moulton Mars clay/tone (1930, development of the Performax system) -. It assumed that, human behavior could be arranged according to the reaction of a person to a favorable or hostile environment. Mars clay/tone used fourwheel four-quadrant model, in order to mark four different behavior styles. The behavior psychologist John vulture (University of Minnesota) developed a method, which makes an immediate individual application possible on the basis of Mars clay/tone work. This method is the basis the DISG personality profile.


DISG stands for the 4 basic behavior tendencies:

  • D = Dominant
  • I = Initiativ
  • S = constant
  • G = conscientious

The arrangement of the quadrants in the diagram orients itself here at the two dimensions: Orientation at humans and/or a task and a that more or less kommunikativen a character of humans. Thus a rough allocation for the Teambuilding in the enterprise results for each basic behavior. The goal of these Operationalisierung serves arbeitspychologisch logically also a use in the context of the occupation picture within the recruitment and personnel development.

The zugunde lying test procedure is marketed in book form with the possibility of the coded self evaluation. Here it is to be compiled the user possible its behavior estimate; simple Reverse engineering of the analysis algorithms is made more difficult however through by the pressure-technical conversion. In the result the rehearsing and receives in each case a statement to its natural work behavior and a further to its role behavior. The statement validity should be very high according to data of the publishers, however is not numbered.

Ranges of application

  • Personality development
  • Self management
  • Team training
  • Marketingstrategien

For application in the context of the team formation the user receives the description of certain Verhaltensmuter of the individual group samples, both in the purchase to own resources and over resources, which must be missing in the jeweilgen quadrant and come from the other members of a team. The goal of this representation is the promotion of a human decision culture in the area of staff in that the realization applies that nobody reproaches the wrong social authority for a team, but the intelligent composition of the whole pallet of resources by a suitable choice of personnel to carry out is. There are therefore in the DISG profile also no "winners" or "losers" in the result of the evaluation.


  • Friedbert Gay: The DISG personality profile. Gabal, September 2004, ISBN 3897493527

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