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The Disconto society - actually Direction of the Disconto society - with seat in Berlin was created 1851 and was up to 1929 the carried out fusion with the German bank one of the largest German banking companies.


The Disconto society was created after the plans of the banker David Hans man as cooperative with 236 members, that brought in together 541,600 Taler (=1,6 million Marks), and took up on 15 October 1851 their business concern. Originally the maximum amount of a business share should amount to 10,000 Taler (=30.000 Mark). This maximum amount was increased however until 1855 to 60.000 Taler (=180.000 Mark), so that the Disconto society was converted due to the changed partner structure 1856 into a limited partnership on shares. Starting from 1859 the Disconto society took part also with the emission of Prussian government loans.

Adolph of Hans man, son of David Hans man, took over after its death 1864 the management and very successfully led the bank up to its death 1903.

Until 1895 the Disconto society was exclusively in Berlin active. In the year 1895 the north German bank was converted into Hamburg into a subsidiary of the Disconto society. The shareholders of the north German bank received 40% of the shares of the Disconto society, whose capital stock was increased by this fusion to 115 million Marks. In the following years the Disconto society grew up by assumption of other banking houses to one of the largest German banks.

The Disconto society took over

  • 1901 the banking house M.A. Rothschild & sons in Frankfurt/Main
  • 1904 the banking house school TZE & Wolde in Bremen
  • 1911 the banking house Bamberger & CO in Mainz
  • 1914 fusion with the A. Schaaffhausen' bank association in Cologne
  • 1915 the Rheini bank in at the Ruhr
  • 1916 the association bank in king mountain
  • 1917 the Magdeburger bank association in Magdeburg and the Lippi association bank AG in Bielefeld
  • 1918 the Trieri cooperative bank AG in Trier
  • 1919 the banking house steel and Federer in Stuttgart
  • 1920 the banking house prince & Marck June. in Breslau
  • 1921 the Schlesi mercantile bank AG in Breslau
  • 1925 the bank for Thuringia in Meiningen
  • 1928 the German Hansa bank AG in Munich

In the year 1929 closed Deutsche Bank, which Disconto society, which Rheini Creditbank and the Schaafhausen bank association to the German and Disconto bank (DeDi bank) together, which starting from 1937 only Deutsche Bank called itself.

Admitted personalities

Bankers of the Disconto society played an important role in the German policy and restaurant history often, among other things:

  • David Hans man (business owner 1851-1864)
  • Karl Mathy (business owner 1855-1857)
  • Adolph of Hans man (business owner 1857-1903)
  • Adolph Salomonsohn (business owner 1869-1888)
  • Alexander Schoeller (business owner 1884-1911)
  • Arthur Salomonsohn (business owner 1895-1929)
  • Hermann Fischer (business owner 1914-1919)


  • Manfred Pohl: Concentration in the German banking (1848-1980). Publishing house Fritz scarce, Frankfurt/Main 1982.

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