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Disaster precaution covers all measures, which before occurring a disaster, with which a goal of the decrease of the disaster risk and the weakening by disaster sequences, are introduced. If the disaster is already released, the disaster precaution changes into the disaster accomplishment (humanitarian immediately, emergency and reconstruction assistance). In the humanitarian one immediately, rehablitation and long-term reconstruction assistance should then again measures of the disaster precaution be implemented, in order to avoid a repetition of the events if possible.

Disaster precaution in the context of increasing natural catastrophes

One generally differentiates disasters according to conflicts, nature and technogenen Katastrophen.Der available articles concerns itself primarily with the disaster precaution within the range of natural catastrophes, why only these are explained here. Natural catastrophes consist of two components: extreme natural occurences on the one hand and increased susceptibility of the population in relation to these natural occurences on the other hand.

The rising number of natural catastrophes and by these caused high social, ecological and economic costs in passed the decades called a stronger argument with the concept of the disaster precaution on the plan. Caused by processes of the global change such as population growth and increasing depletion, dependence on infrastructure nets, resources excessive use on and environmental condition (ex.s changed: Climatic change, loss of fruitful soils, acceptance of the biological diversity of species) on the other side, can be registered a rising tendency of natural catastrophes. To this phenomenon can be met only by the development and consistent conversion from effective strategies to the disaster precaution.

Action fields of the disaster precaution

In view of the causes for disaster increase, outlined above, these strategies must be on a long-term basis aligned to the fight against poverty in developing countries, the ecological change of the industrial companies and the promotion of democratic structures. They concretely define the following action fields for the disaster precaution:

  • Risk analysis
  • Threat analysis and susceptibility analysis
  • Interdisciplinary investigations over effects of the global change on those
  • Disaster susceptibility
  • Analysis of the political institutional, economic and soziokulturellen
  • Susceptibility factors
    • Clearing-up of the population
  • Clearing-up over risks
  • Suggestion of self-help measures
    • Planning and implementation of disaster-resistant buildings
  • Settlement and development plans
  • Establishment public protection building
  • Disaster precaution in the context of social safeguards

  • Inclusion of disaster damage in national and privatwirschaftliche
  • Social security systems
  • Nourish-securing measures
  • Preparation of groups of occupations for the emergency
    • Preparation for the emergency
  • Structure of alarm and early warning systems
  • Creation of auxiliary structures for the survival assistance
    • Lasting environmental, resource management
    • Creation of suitable political and institutional basic conditions
  • Sensitization of the population
  • Integration of the concerning into decision-making processes
  • Anchorage of the disaster precaution on all political decision levels
  • (The action fields specified here refer primarily to the avoidance and accomplishment of natural catastrophes. For technogene disasters or martial conflicts further action fields, like ex.s early recognition of crises, are added preventive diplomacy or conflict conciliation.)

    Disaster precaution as cross section topic

    Is of substantial importance in the disaster precaution the consideration of the specific conditions of endangered areas. Preventive measures must always orient themselves at the geographical, cultural and sozio economic constellations locally. This requirement makes clear the fact that disaster precaution is very versatile and must integrate different ranges. Only technical and sector-spreading approach makes the inclusion and consideration of all facets for a disaster possible. The German committee tries to carry disaster precaution registered association in its function for the disaster precaution as Querschnitssthema as authority center and switching center calculation. For the national platform to the disaster precaution in Germany the cross-linking of science and practice, the connection of national and international aspects and initiatives stands; as well as the linkage of national and civilian-social structures in the foreground. The plurale composition of the committee, with members from science, technology, development co-operation, disaster control, economics, politics and media, is thereby a condition for interest and specializedspreading work beginning.

    Altogether disaster precaution can be arranged as a compelling condition for the lasting development of a society. However the optimum security in relation to nature dangers with its devastating effects kreiirt for a society the surrounding field to unfold after its best possibilities and abilities.

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