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The diplomat passport is a passport, which is spent usually only at diplomats as well as at high-ranking office and political representative, intended for the transnational travel, about delegate of a parliament or a ministerial official with political function. It is to be used only for journeys for official purposes. To travelers in the national order, who are not diplomats and who do not exercise a political function, service passports spent.

The exhibition of diplomat passports, including provisional diplomat passports, is regulated in Germany in the regulation over official passports of the Federal Republic of Germany. Only exhibition authority for German diplomat passports is the Foreign Office. The exhibition of the diplomat passports takes place alone in the public interest, why the regulation gets straight expressly that on the exhibition no requirement insists.

The possession of a diplomat passport leads, for itself taken, not to the diplomatic immunity. This is only caused by the accreditation of a diplomat or an official invitation in a certain state, whereby this effect is limited to the accrediting or inviting state. Immunities are regulated in Germany in "§"§ the 18 to 20 of the Judiciary Act. The residence law regulates 1 exp. 2 No. 2 the exception of this close circle of acquaintances of the general foreigner right in its "§.

For diplomat passport holders of some states independently of the invitation or accreditation the privilege exists that they are released from the visa obligation deviating from the citizens of their state, who show a regular passport. In Germany these exceptions in "§ 19 of the residence regulation are regulated; the associated state list is in plant B for residence regulation.

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