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Those Di technology GmbH is in Haan (Rhld.) a resident capital goods manufacturer.

The enterprise manufactures cleaning disinfection automats for putting basins, urine bottles, Nierenschalen and chair buckets, modernizes existing putting basin rinsing apparatuses by installation of new technology, waits the devices and offers free training courses over the maintenance of their devices for the technicians of their customers. The enterprise drives the cleaning disinfection automats out European-wide over selling partners, whereby abroad predominantly with the company Miele one co-operates. Managing directors are Josef Di and Olaf Di.

Cleaning disinfection automats for putting basins, urine bottles, Nierenschalen and chair buckets are subject to the medicine product law and must be zertifziert by a designated place. These devices are used into old and nursing homes and hospitals for the disinfection of the Bettgeschirre.


With a special device available as accessories to that Di Boy and master cleaning disinfection automat urine bag can be disposed after the thermal disinfection environmentalcarefully and economically. For this will the bag begun into special device, cut when closing the rinsing chamber door with high-grade steel shears, rinsed and disinfected and can then over the normal domestic refuse be disposed.


Those Di technology GmbH sets MEDICA to the fairs in Duesseldorf and Altenpflege, which in the change in Hanover and Nuremberg takes place annually in each case, out.


Those Di technology GmbH drives cleaning disinfection automats out under the label names Boy, master and Piccolo.


As patents Optifill are announced , Optides and Optitest . It concerns registered registered trade marks at the same time.


By that Di technology GmbH regularly national trade conferences of the specialized combination hospital technology registered association (FKT) are aligned.


  • 1998 quality price of the country North-Rhine/Westphalia
  • 2005 family-friendly-friendly enterprise in the circle Mettmann

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