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Construction period:1998 - 2006 (planned)
Height over low:207 m
Height over foundation bed:249 m
Height of the Mauerkrone:"… m NN
Memory space:1969 million m
Total total:"… Million m
A pilot goal:"… m NN
Water surface with full back-up:26.4 km
Wall volume:3,5 millions m
Crown length:720 m
Crown width:between 12 and 18 m
Base width:55 m
Catchment area:"… km
HWE Bemessungshochwasser:9,250 m /s
Power station achievement:670 MW

The Deriner dam at the river in the northeast of Turkey, the close border to Georgien, is built for generation of current. It lies five kilometers far away from the place Artvin. The artificial lake will be long 70 km and with full back-up a water surface of 26,4 km will have.

Concrete dam

The concrete dam, one doubly curved elbow rope wall, will be with its completion planned for 2006 the highest dam of Turkey and one of the 10 the highest world. Their height is indicated differently as 247, 249 or 253 m over the foundation bed. The hydro-electric power plant is to cover in the future a large part of the power requirement of Turkey. The four Francis water turbines with an output of 4 times 167.5 =670 MW will produce about 2,118 Gigawattstunden per year starting from 2009, if the artificial lake is flooded. The hydro-electric power plant is in a Kaverne.Beim building of the concrete dam 3.500.000 m concrete is underground needed. (After other computations there is 3.200.000 m For its transport on the building site one uses cable crane, which the several hundred meters broad and deep ravine span.

The planning of the project took the construction period from 1998 from 1988-1991, to presumably 2006.

At the there is river upward still the Artvin dam and river downward the Borcka dam.


The dimensions of the spillway amount to:

  • Length of the distributor lug: 937.14 m
  • Diameter of the distributor lug (outside/inside): 14 m 11.6 m
  • Efficiency of the distributor lug: 1,804 m /s
  • Flood discharge: 2 over runs with 2.250 m /s, 8 discharge openings with 7.000 m /s (together 9,250 m /s)
  • Lug lengths of the flood discharge: Tunnel I: 420,86m, tunnel II: 446.60 m
  • Diameter of the lugs: 8 m

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