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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 23:19:14

The Demingkreis or also PDCA cycle is a substantial component of the modern quality management. It decreases/goes back on W. Edward Deming, an American physicist and statistician, whose working affected considerably the today's value of the quality management.

The PDCA cycle consists of four elements:

1) P: Flat - the respective process must be planned before its actual implementation completely

2) D: DO - which process implemented converted as planned and

3) C: Check - which becomes possible process cycle and its results examined. Possible deviations are identified by target actual alignment

4) A: Act - the causes determined deviations are turned off, the process can begin again from the front - naturally with consideration of the PDCA cycle.

The conversion of this actually simple Tools forms the basis for many, nowadays used square meter systems. With its assistance a constant improvement of the processes and expirations is to be established (continuous improvement process, KVP) in the enterprise, which affects again factors like the economical efficiency or customer and coworker satisfaction of the enterprise. The Demingkreis can be arranged in the Japanese Kaizen - management philosophy and not only more in originally is industrial enterprises addressed thereby, but is also in the service sector meanwhile an established procedure.

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