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The Defense Special Missile and Astronautics center is an agency in the OPS 1 that national Security Agency (NSA) which so far of civilians of the NSA as a director and a Colonel of the Defense Intelligence Agency (dia.) as vice was always led.

It was created on 27 April 1964 by the Secretary of Defense at that time Robert McNamara due to the Cuba crisis. One wanted to be able to estimate the probability of a danger of foreign rockets thereby better. Further one did not want "that NORAD with technologies herumdilettierte, which did not understand the people there, or the attempt made to evaluate a heap raw data "around it after general Daniel O. for Graham, a former director of the dia. to express.

With DEFSMAC constantly any rocket launchings become or - starts registers. It should be even possible the rocket type to eruieren. Since end of the cold war the staff grew on 230. DEFSMAC passes on intercepted data to national the Telemetry processing center, which processes the results of the telemetry.

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