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debis system house (dSH) is the name of at that time largest German producer-independent IT-Dienstleisters. Debis system house was a daughter debis of the AG, for their part daughter of Daimler Benz AG.

The name "debis "stood for DaimlerChrysler services for "Daimler Benz interservices ", after the fusion of Daimler Benz with Chrysler 1998 gave oneself the company the name additive "". Debis system house was created 1990 in the context outsourcing of Daimler Benz computing centres and Systemdienstleister and sold at the end of of 2000 to 50.1%, at the beginning of of 2002 completely to the German Telekom, where it formed the new Telekom mark of T-system together with other Telekom units.

1999, briefly before the sales to the Telekom had debis system house world-wide more than 20000 coworkers, of it 5000 outside of Germany. The conversion amounted to scarcely 5.75 billion Marks, of it approx. 30% from foreign business. Debis system house created it to gain more than 75% outside of the DaimlerChrysler company. (Source: heise more newsticker 27. March 2000)

Managing director debis system house of the establishment of the 1990 by October 2000 was Karl Heinz Achinger.

In the history debis system house is reflected the paradigm change in the management of large concerns - here Daimler Benz and/or DaimlerChrysler - for the 80's again. After Edzard Reuter with its strategy of the diversification Daimler Benz had extended by among other things AEG, Dornier and MTU, was the establishment debis system house already expression of the outsourcing movement, from which dSH in the long run also profited. Schrempp, which took over 1995 the executive committee presidency of Daimler Benz, pursued the strategy "of the focusing apart from its internationalization strategy, which likewise on dSH, on the core business ", whose last consequence was the sales debis system house.

Business fields

Around 1997 dSH the slogan gave itself "plan Build run "as Audruck of of a comprehensive IT-Dienstleistungsangebots.Die three phases consultation (plan), software projects (Build) as well as enterprise (run) partly the divisions reflect dSH again. (Conditions 1997)

  • Computer Communication services
  • Industry/trade/finances (software development)
  • Telecommunications, public range and traffic (software development)
  • Marketing systems/commercial systems/training (software development)
  • Management consultation


  • Debis the system house GmbH, Stuttgart was created 1990 as strategic business field of Daimler Benz service daughter debis AG. The core the computing centres and Sytementwicklungsabteilungen of the societies Daimler Benz of the company formed. Hinzugekauft became under others the GEI society for electronic data processing ltd., Aachen and the computing centre of the metal company AG, Frankfurt/Main.
  • By the purchase the thief old Germany GmbH with their foreign participation extended dSH 1991 its Portfolio within the range of the IT-advisory activities. In the same year seven computing centres from Daimler Benz the company were transferred. (Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm GmbH, Munich and Telefunken system engineering GmbH, Ulm)
  • 1992 were received debis system house a Joint venture with CAP Gemini Sogeti S.A., Grenoble, in order to unite the software activities debis the system houses GmbH and the German participation of the CAP group of Gemini. Accordingly the names of the Untergesellschaften concerned "CAP was placed in front debis ".
  • At the Umfirmierung in debis system house GmbH, Hamburg, in the year 1994 the shareholders were debis the AG with 80% and with 20% CAP Gemini.
  • 1996 acquired debis system house the PCM computer AG, Munich.
  • 1997 repurchase of the 20% of portion held by Cap Gemini. Thus debis the AG, Berlin was again exclusive Gesellschafterin debis the system houses GmbH, Hamburg.
  • The years 1998 and 1999 were located in the indication of the internationalization strategy. The business activities within and outside of Europe were developed and further foreign companies were bought to go with.
  • In October 2000 DaimlerChrysler sold 50.1% debis of the system house as an owner debis of the AG to the Telekom. Debis the system house formed so the basic stick for the new society of T-system internationally for GmbH, Bonn.
  • 2001 was transferred on Telekom daughters from the IT-service-range T-system.
  • Finally the Telekom transferred the remaining 49.9% debis of the system house in March 2003.

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