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Dba the airline ltd. (abbreviation dba) is the third biggest German line airline with seat in Munich, whose owner is since 2003 Hans Rudolf (textile entrepreneur and pilot).

Dba understands itself as low far Business airline, which does not do despite low prices (off a euro exclusive taxes) without an extensive service offer.

From airline a comparison of the donation goods test (expenditure 02/2005) followed dba the 2005 as a test winner.


Delta air

In April 1978 the airline delta air with seat in Friedrichshafen was created by the entrepreneur Alfred Schopp. The first goals were Zurich and Stuttgart. With a DHC-6 twin Otter was flown. 1982 were received delta air a co-operation with CROSS air. 1988 followed a co-operation with German Lufthansa. Ever more airports in Germany were approached, among other things Bremen, Frankfurt, Cologne/Bonn and Berlin Tempelhof.

German BA

1992 bought British Airways and a banking company delta air. To 5. May was renamed the airline into German BA airline ltd. In the same year also first Boeing 737-300 were added. German domestic the Berlin flights for British Airways are accomplished. 1993 transfer the German BA of charter flights for German tour operators to Greece, Spain, Ireland and to Turkey. 1994 shift the enterprise the head office and the jet technology to the new Munich airport. 1998 will become the fleet standardized and it only Boeing 737-300 begun. In addition the Design of the airplanes was adapted to those British Airways fleet. The German BA is selected for the second time one behind the other by the readers of the magazine Capital to the most favorable and most punctual airline, as well as to the airline with the best service. Since the year 2000 the German BA approaches also goals in Spain. With beginning of the new financial year 2002 the German BA changes its business model and offers as "Low far airline" more favorable tariffs. With Hans Rudolf as owners the airline in the financial year 2004/2005 for the first time since their existence black numbers wrote.


On 2 June 2003 British Airways sells its portions to the Intro administrative company for 1 "€. New managing director becomes a textile entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Already in April 2004 dba get the managing directors new with Martin Gauss and Peter Wojahn, since changes into the supervisory board.

Of 28. March by 1 July 2005 took part the competitor gexx with 64% to dba. In this period 12 Fokker 100 and 15 distances of the Germania express (gexx) was transferred by Wetleasing (airplane, pilot, flight companion, technician) to dba. Thus became dba with 27 airplanes and up to 180 daily flights the third biggest German line airline.

In February 2006 dba their own capital funds doubled on now 20 million euro. Hans Rudolf is now with 59,9% main owner, Lutz Helmig (founder of HELIOS of the hospitals) acquired over its Aton GmbH 25.1% of the portions. The two dba managing directors Martin Gauss and Peter Wojahn are involved with in each case 7.5% in the enterprise.

On 17 February 2006 communicated the acquisition of 60% of the LTU portions. Both airlines are to cooperate after plans with the route network closely, dba are the national, LTU the international goals to serve.

Air targets

Dba mainly German domestic distances between Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Frankfurt as well as Nice, Moskau, Thessaloniki, Athen, Rome, Florenz serves and since that of 6. March 2006 also Paris.

Quick one

The current fleet dba consists 737-500 (conditions of 14 Boeing 737-300 and: November 2005). By the assumption of the gexx machines at the end of March 2005 14 Fokker 100 with 100 seats each came in so-called Wet leasing dazu.dba ordered recently with Boeing 40 machines of the types Boeing 737-700 and -800. The distribution is still specified.

Boeing 737-300Boeing 737-500Fokker 100
Since DIA.Boeing 737-33QOY-APLBoeing 737-5L9D-AGPAFokker 100
D-ADIBBoeing 737-36QSince GPCFokker 100
D-ADICBoeing 737-36QD-AGPDFokker 100
D-ADIGBoeing 737-3L9D-AGPFFokker 100
D-AGEABoeing 737-322D-AGPGFokker 100
D-AGEBBoeing 737-322D-AGPHFokker 100
D-ADIJBoeing 737-3M8 D-AGPIFokker 100
D-ADIIBoeing 737-329D-AGPJFokker 100
D-ADIFBoeing 737-3L9D-AGPLFokker 100
D-ADIHBoeing 737-3Y0D-AGPMFokker 100
D-AGEKBoeing 737-3M8D-AGPOFokker 100
D-AGEJBoeing 737-3L9D-AGPQFokker 100
D-AGEGBoeing 737-35BD-AGPRFokker 100

Base data

In the spring 2005 the enterprise employed about 750 coworkers and had an annual aircraft passenger arising of over three million. Until 2010 are to be developed the coworker trunk on approx. 1200 persons employed.

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