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Darius is the name of a set of video games of the horizontal scrollenden Shoot'em of UP category, which was produced by the Japanese company Taito for different systems, with priority Arcade automats. The first part appeared 1986.

The series became famous particularly by the opponents, who resemble albtraumhaften mutations of fish and other sea animals.

Peculiarities of the play

Upgrades and weapons of the spaceships

The spaceship of the player, the Silver Hawk, is equipped with two weapons: The Missiles firing forward and freely downward the falling Bombs. Later parts of the series extended the arsenal by one limit available Smartbomb (Darius Gaiden) and the Capture ball (G.Darius).

After the destruction certain opponents leave balls in different colors:

  • Red balls rig the Missiles
  • Green balls improve the Bombs
  • Blue balls equip the spaceship with a shield
  • Violet balls come to a hold the Smartbomb arsenal around a copy on (only in Darius Gaiden available
  • White balls result in a coincidental bonus on the point counter

The of the weapon systems is indicated at the upper contour. With weapons and Schilden after a certain number of Upgrades a new stage is reached, which remains after dying. For example there are the stages with the sign to Green, Silver and gold.

Succession of the levels

A further peculiarity represents the succession the level, which are in all other respects named letters of the alphabet in place of numbers. After each level the player must select between from two possible subsequent levels of a pyramid diagram. After level A either level B or level C follows. decides the player for B, has it at the end of the level the choice between D or E, against what with a initial choice of C the levels E and F stand to the selection. In this way a play passage (a loop so mentioned) covers never all level, why the player is to be animated to play the play to the end several times.

The final opponents

All final opponents are in particular announced by means of a warning. The final opponents are spilerisch rather conventionally held, graphically against it leave them a lasting impression, since they have the forms enormous mutated sea inhabitant. The player meets fish, sea-stars, Kraken and crab-unites final opponents in the course of the series was several times recyclet, in order to stress the series character. Most well-known is here the Quastenflosser King fossil, which appeared in each part of the series as a final opponent and got in G.Darius even society in the form of Queen fossil.


All parts as Arcade versions

Darius (1986)

Converted for PC engines as Darius plus, for Game Boy Advance as Darius R

The first part offered of course a well drawn diagram, the level Designs however level-internally always unwound the same environment and the same attack formations. The play hall version was very impressive: It made the play happening at the same time over three screens and six loudspeakers hearing and visible.

Darius II (1988)

Converted for Sega mega drive and Game Boy as Sagaia, for super Nintendo as Darius twin

The second part extended the series by appearances of the two pilots Proco Jr. and Tiat Young. The individual stages of the weapon systems were continued to extend, which diagram shifts developed and the fights of Fantasieplaneten in the solar system. Characteristically of the automat versions of the first two parts was the unusual "for a long time" representation of the playing field. The eccentric resolution of 864 * 224 pixels made it possible to represent the play happening three-way one above the other.

Darius Gaiden (1993)

US version with the sub-title Silver Hawk, conversions for PC, Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn

In the "normal" diagram format of 320 * 240 pixels the third part of the series presented itself and improved the play happening in all interests. Again sustained fires and the Smartbomb were introduced, besides the levels were now from the front to in the back "through-composed" and the play extended by a rudimentary background history.

G.Darius (1997)

Conversions for Sony PlayStation and PC

Polygonal Pseudo-3D-Grafik sets the fourth part impressively in scene. The Capture ball, which "catch" opponents and to the side of the player place, as well as an level-internal decision obligation to paths possible of two is new by the level.

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