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Daniel wanting pool of broadcasting corporations (* 28 January 1861 North hard country (Vermont), "† 6 July 1942) was an US-American railway manager. It led 31 years long the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It was admits for its understanding in relation to the demands and requests of the persons employed and trade unions. It possessed the ability to connect innovation and Konstanz. In its time with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad falls among other things the introduction of air-conditioned cars and diesel locomotives.

Daniel wanting pool of broadcasting corporations visited to the school one year long the Massachusetts Agricultural college before 1879 to cent ral the Vermont as a track worker went. Later it became heater with the Connecticut & Passumpsic River Railroad, where it became later also Starting from 1883 it was with the Lake shore & Michigan Southern in Elhart (Indiana). it went to 1884 to the Soo LINE where it until 1898 from the Bremser to the department manager ascended. With the Soo LINE it met D the managing director at that time F. Underwood, it follows it 1899 to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, where he became a deputy managing director. it went to 1901 with Unterwood to the Erie Railroad. From 1904 to 1910 he was then vice-president with the CB&Q. On 15 January 1910 he became a president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. In March 1917 he became a chairman that national Defense Advisory Commission. In this function he tried to prepare the Eisenbahnnetz for the necessary transportation needs for the war entrance of the USA. This led in the final result to the assumption of the American railways by the national United States Railroad Associaton in the period 1917 to 1920. Apart from its activity as he was also a chairman of the American Railway Association, the Railroad was boards and was industry board. 1931 it wanted to withdraw as a president, but it persuaded by the supervisory board to continue. In the context from economy measures to the accomplishment of the world economic crisis he did without to 10% 20% of his income, opposite at the remaining management. On 1 November 1932 was Daniel wanting pool of broadcasting corporations on the title "Time magazines ". On 1 June 1941 it withdrew finally as a president and became a supervisory board chairman. It died on 6 July 1942 and is buried on the cemetery of the Federated Church in hard country (Vermont).

After it the place was renamed "Chicago Junction "in Ohio in wanting pool of broadcasting corporations.

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