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The Daimler engine society (DMG) was a German automobile enterprise in CAN place based - later in Stuttgart and Berlin.


1887 bought God-dear to Daimler a property with work buildings at the Cannstatter Seelberg, three years later created it with financially strong partners the Daimler engine society.

In March 1900 God-dear Daimler died. In the same year 185,000 m are bought new area for a new engine factory in

1902 transferred the Daimler engine society the engine factory Berlin AG to Berlin Marienfelde and registered in the same year the name "Mercedes" as patent-officially protected label name.

A major fire in the workshops in CAN place destroys 1903 all production machines and 93 finished Mercedes vehicles, as began production prematurely 1904 in the work In the following year took place the complete removal from CAN place to

1909 become the three-serrating star the symbol of the enterprise. At the stock exchange in Stuttgart the shares of the Daimler engine society were introduced 1911.

In order to be able to cover the enormous need of the military at vehicles, aircraft engines and at airplanes, 1914 the building of a further work in Sindelfingen was decided, which already took up its enterprise in the autumn 1915.

1922 were shifted the company headquarters of the DMG to Berlin. The inflation 1923 arranges to publish DMG own emergency money. 1926 took place the fusion with Benz & Cie to Daimler Benz AG and thus the Daimler engine society dissolved.

Work Berlin Marienfelde

On 2 October 1902 the Daimler engine society (DMG) transfers marode Motorfahrzeug-und engine factory Berlin AG to Marienfelde. Marine engine-produced at the beginning first still boat and, produced starting from 1905 already truck and penalty by the volume. During the First World War 1917/1918 the first German tank A7V were developed and manufactured in Marienfelde.


The negotiation fate of the school width unit Eduard Fiechtner with God-dear Daimler and William May brook gave the excursion, which came DMG to and did not go to Schorndorf to 1900. Fiechtner guaranteed a rail connection and electricity from the again built hydro-electric power plant to Daimler too. On 15 August 1900 representatives of the municipality and the autoenterprise signed the contract over 185,000 square meters construction site in won gravel.

In the middle of 1904 to at the beginning of of 1905 moved the Daimler engine society (DMG) from the Cannstatter Seelberg after On a surface area of 45,000 square meters finally developed a Schmiede, a Arbeiterunterkunfts and an administration building, a building of sawing roofs, the workshop for braking and plumbing works and the building of concrete in such a way specified for altogether 2,200 coworkers.

Work Sindelfingen

1914 are decided the building of the third work in Sindelfingen, which already took up its enterprise in the autumn 1915. In the work Sindelfingen mainly airplanes and aircraft engines produced, for this purpose had the work a runway for airplanes.

Austro Daimler

Austro Daimler is the abbreviation for the former Austrian daughter of the German Daimler engine society in Viennese new city.

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