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|} the Dahme Uckroer railway AG was created on 21 October 1884. In the capital took part the province Brandenburg, the circles Luckau and Luckenwalde as well as the city Dahme; more than half brought however private backers up. Purpose of the railway construction was to be attached it the city Dahme to the main course Berlin Dresden. This happened on the station Uckro Luckau, which was called late Uckro and is called today Luckau Uckro.

12.5 km long distance in the low on 31 July 1886 one opened. Both person and goods traffic would however not fulfill initial expectations of the society. So had starting from 15. May 1935 a force bus parallel to the rail to be used, in order to arrange the enterprise more profitable. Also the decision served this goal to let the management work settle by the national traffic department Brandenburg - railway department of the province Mark Brandenburg - in potsdam.

In the Second World War the transport numbers rose, however the bus had because of the lack of fuel starting from 1. Escape May 1942.

After end of war the course 1947 the Provinzialbahnen Mark Brandenburg was subordinated and starting from 1 April 1949 of the German National Railroad.

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