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Customs district one calls the area in the proximity of a customs border, in which as a result of law or regulation deviations from the otherwise inland valid right can arise.

In Germany the customs districts usually extend over an area of 10-15km from the customs border into the inland inside. In this area the officials of the federal customs administration of powers, which go clearly beyond those the police, have as for example the execution of suspicion-independent person controls and searches without search resolution.

Beyond that smaller duty-free quantities apply to persons with domicile in the customs district. Who is taken up after an illegal border crossing still within the customs district, can be pushed away immediately again. The customs district is usually marked by the appropriate additive below the place name on the Ortstafeln, which is appropriate for municipalities in the customs district.

The term of the customs district enstammt still the customs law, which in the course of the Schengener of agreement and the European domestic market were abolished and replaced by the regulations of the Zollkodex. The term kept, loses however slowly at meaning. The powers of the authorities in the border area result now from the laws of task of police of the countries and the tax code.

The federal customs administration is since then in the context of its controlling and supervising tasks no longer only limited to the range of the direct border, but can operate in the entire federal territory (e.g. by mobile control's groups on motorways).

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