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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 22:23:42

Customer maps are a system for customer connection. They are either personalisiert or transferable. The customer receives a map of plastic or paper, which in addition also a magnetic stripe with deposited data contains with the entry.

Function mode

Enterprises issue their customer customer maps, in order to actually bind it at longer term. By presenting the map the customer receives monetary values of advantages, Zusatzleistungen or other privileges. By the obtained "savings effect" the customer returns to the enterprise. In addition the company is constantly present by the presence of the map in the purse.

It is criticized at customer maps that they make a monitoring possible of the purchase and consumer habits of the customer. The problem is made more difficult by the fact that frequently different companies from different sections publish a common customer map and so that leads a common data base. Also a movement profile can be put on when frequent use a customer map.

Kinds of customer maps

Customer maps are different; they can have one or more functions, according to which also their designation arranges itself:

  • Bonus maps, e.g. Many flier programs of the airlines and their alliances, the programs of the hotel chains or the customer maps of the trade (e.g. Payback, HappyDigits)
  • Entrance maps, for example for automatic video bars or Telefongesellschaften (e.g. GlobalOne) or SIM map
  • Customer maps with payment function, e.g. at airlines a credit card, which is simultaneous also a customer map

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