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The customer centring is a fundamental aspect of the Customer Relationship management (CRM). It designates the thought to place the customers into the center of each business acting in order to maximize so the success of the enterprise (in the sense of CRM). The term of the customer is not only limited thereby to final customers, but extends on all business partners, whose relations affects the entrepreneurial success. For example also suppliers are thus included into the customer centring.


In order to reach a customer centring, an enterprise is regarded from the outside from customer view. Processes of the interaction and points of contact are identified and optimized with the customer (often called Customer Touchpoints). This optimization goes often so far that authority and tasks are so far shifted within the enterprise that the organisational structure of the enterprise in parts adapts to the customer centring. The adjustment at the customer penetrates thereby not only the whole enterprise, but must above all also from its coworkers into the be lived.


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