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Cultures is a series of real time strategy plays of the play spieleschmiede Funatics.

Basic aspects of the series

Cultures is primarily a structure strategy play similar to first two the settler parts. The series acts of the adventures of a Wikinger trunk, particularly the hero Bjarni, which reminds the strong men strongly of "Wickie" from Wickie and.

The series shows new courses by "the micro management in such a way specified "however within the category: Each Wikinger, all the same whether farmer or soldier has, own needs. So each master member must e.g. with sufficient meals be supplied or must sleep. If a worker is tired, it puts the work for a short nap down to it is rested. In addition with respect to Cultures between the sexes and "supply is differentiated "at new Wikingern can develop only if married couples are educated.

This micro management and the quite high learning curve resulting from it are on the one hand the large incentive for many fans of the series, on the other hand for many critics the reason, why the series had rather moderate success and has.

Cultures: The discovery Vinlands (2000)

The discovery Vinlands (DEV) is the first part of the series and from Funatics in co-operation with by the play the Knights & Merchants admitted developer Joymania developed. DEV appeared in September 2000 and by THQ was published.

Cultures: The revenge of the rain God (2001)

With the revenge of the rain God appeared in March 2001 an ADD on to DEV. It extends the play by a new campaign, new units (Maya Krieger) and a new single and multi-player maps.

Cultures gold

DEV and the ADD on appeared later together in "gold in such a way specified an edition ".

Cultures 2: The gates Asgards (2002)

Cultures 2: The gates appeared to Asgards in the spring 2002 over the Austrian Publisher JoWooD.

The player takes over the role of Bjarni, which already fought in the predecessor play the discovery Vinlands at the side of its father Leif Erikson against bad powers. In Cultures 2 Bjarni has a vision, in which he sees a new threatening danger for the world, the Midgardschlange Ragnarok. In its vision it fights at the side of three strangers, which become in the play its friends and fight with which he side by side: Having ski of the Sarazene, Sigurd a famous hero from the Franconia realm and Crya the pretty Amazone. Together they must place themselves to the danger and begin in the final fight against the Midgardschlange.

Cultures 2 offers an extended military and commercial system, interesting game of roles loans, a complex restaurant and diplomacy functions and a high Wuselfaktor opposite the predecessor. The everyday life life of the Wikinger, the trade and military conflicts with other peoples and cultures can be seen very closely. One learns many historical occurences of the Wikinger besides easily in addition, then also a learning factor associates in addition.

Stories from the Cultures world

The two as ADD ons 2 parts of journey to north country, meant to Cultures, and the respected world miracle appeared original under the title stories from the Cultures world in self-selling with support by Halycon Media and NBG Multimedia, since JoWooD did not want to keep the contractual relation with Funatics upright any longer.

Both parts have a diagram, weather effects (snow and rain), more detailed opposite Cultures 2, an editor, with which the players can provide own maps, and an adjustable degree of difficulty. Together they appeared in the package Cultures later: The adventure box.

Journey to north country (2002)

Journey to north country (RnN) appeared in October 2002 as first titles of the Funatics software GmbH after Funatics development by the financial scandal of the nut/mother company Phenomedia insolvency to announce had. The restart of the company and the means scarce thereby explain additionally as original planning as ADD on, why RnN does not use new engine, which "genuine "new parts usually do.

RnN appeared in the year 2003 in English-language version under the title Northland over the Publisher GMX Media. Postage run gene for Mac and Linux were made in reduced form (no Multiplayer mode, no editor) by run often (formerly e.p.i.c interactive).

The respected world miracle (2003)

The respected world miracle (DAW) appeared to the mini series in March 2003 as the second part stories from the Cultures world. Also DAW appeared later than Mac version, as well as in English-language version by GMX Media than 8th Wonder OF the World.

The changes to RnN are a something revised version of the editor, an earthquake effect, as well as new buildings, which cannot be built however by the player actively, but on the map are present either already, and e.g. to be protected must, or by Missionsskripting to be platziert, after the appropriate building materials were supplied.

Cultures: The adventure box (2003)

In August 2003 appeared two stories from the Cultures world titles together in a box without any innovations to offer, whereby this box might have been interesting for new A RISERs particularly. Why this box was published exactly, is not well-known. It appears however paradoxical, since a similarly stored box with larger extent and some innovations appeared only four months later.

Cultures: The Saga (2003)

With Cultures: The Saga a compilation of the titles appeared the discovery to Vinlands (without ADD on), journey to north country and the respected world miracle in December 2003.

The interesting to the fact is that the Saga is in principle a new play, which contains the campaigns as well as single and multi-player maps of RnN and DAW under a common surface. One installs one play contrary to the adventure box thus only, instead of two. Additionally it contains the new "kite country "- of campaign as well as exclusively two campaigns, which were provided from a map creator the Community.

DEV is attached however due to the different Engines as independent play on second CD.

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