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The culture Ruhr GmbH organizes the RuhrTriennale. The culture Ruhr GmbH was originally created as instrument of the so-called "regional cultural policy" of the federal state government North-Rhine/Westphalia for the Ruhr district within the borders the local federation Ruhr district (today regional association Ruhr) 1998.

2001 took place the conversion of the culture Ruhr GmbH old into the culture Ruhr GmbH again, with the task of the before-material structure and the establishment of an international Kunstfestivals in the reconditioned areas of the industriellen inheritance in the Ruhr district (Bochum, landscape park Duisburg north, bill Zweckel Gladbeck, bill and coking plant customs union century-resounded).

As assumption from the establishment days the culture Ruhr GmbH has to likewise promote and to the RuhrTriennale merge the task choir work Ruhr and the dance landscape Ruhr further.

The society has its seat in gel churches. Managing directors are Flimm and Krings. Partners of the culture Ruhr GmbH are the project Ruhr GmbH, the regional association Ruhr and the association pro Ruhr district.

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