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The term Crossmedia designation in marketing time near communication over several contentwise and formatively linked mediale and telekommunikative channels, which across the different medium kinds leads the user and to a backward channel and/or an interaction offer refers. Here in connection with on-line Publishing emerged the first concerns a key word. In the meantime it is used of the medium economy as Teilkozept of the CROSS Channel conception. Thus it stands contrary to integrated communication and to the CROSS Media Publishing.

The expression "Crossmedia" is usually used in connection with measures, which take place in the context of the communication politics. The special at crossmedialen communication is not alone the transmission of an advertising message on different communication channels (see integrated communication). Rather the advertising message is in such a way arranged that at least two media must be used compellingly by the user, so that the advertising message can be conveyed contentwise completely, so that the consumer a high Involvement has. Thus Crossmedia is primary a task in the creative sense. The technical connection of the different media is possible and by developments of the technological convergence between the media is advanced. Crossmedia follows a constant guidance idea, which supports the strategic goals of an enterprise related to products and services and thereby to the Spezifika of the different channels adapts.

Richard Crux, coworker of the German post office AG defines Crossmedia as follows: "Under Crossmedia marketing one understands the use of different on each other co-ordinated communication channels for the application of a product or a service. As addition of the classical communication-mix in particular the new, electronic media are used. The advertising media are interlaced among themselves, in order to use their specific strengths optimally. A uniform advertising line (CD/CI) is used to obtain around a high recognizing value."

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