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Crossfire is an open SOURCE computer game of roles, which is played as Client server application in the Internet or in the LAN. The diagram is comparatively primitive and is no more than up-to-date regarded. The attraction of Crossfire is rather in the very large number because of maps, artifacts and the ability system.

An excerpt (approx. 50%) of the current abilities:

  • more bowyer to the identification of projectile weapons such as arrow, elbow, pin, arm chest
  • disarm traps to falling defusing
  • evocation for causing spells, e.g. concerning cold weather or poison, however not electricity or fire
  • find traps for finding traps
  • levitation for floating
  • literacy to reading from books and scrolls
  • meditation to the active regeneration
  • missile weapons to handling projectile weapons
  • pyromancy for spells concerning electricity and fire
  • scythe curse for the discovery of curses
  • scythe magic for the discovery of magic characteristics

The character characteristics are determined by the following numerical values: The primary attributes strength, skill, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, magic Kraft, Charisma, the secondary attributes weapon class, damage, arms class, armament, rate of motion, action speed and food as well as protection or sensitivity degree in relation to different attack forms such as fires, cold weather or withdrawal of vitality.

Crossfire possesses a halfISO-metric opinion. The playing field is represented from the bird perspective directly from above, the objects possesses however a three-dimensional appearance, as if one would diagonally regard it not directly from above, but.

Plays, which are based on Crossfire


Crossfire+ is an advancement of Crossfire with focus on server stability.


A time long on a version of Crossfire with ISO-metric opinion, the so-called ISO Crossfire one worked. At the beginning of retarded itself the development of ISO Crossfire strongly. Later the idea was completely rejected within Crossfire. Instead the play Daimonin on the basis of the program code was developed by Crossfire. Daimonin possesses a ISO-metric diagram.


Angelion is based on Daimonin and thus likewise on Crossfire. Angelion differs from Daimonin by map Stacking, which maps it makes possible and thus that maps are edited not off-lines with a separate editor program, but on-line over the Client during the play.


The shown monsters (Dreads) resemble strong the viewers (Beholder) from Dungeon & Dragons.

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