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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 22:21:28

The term cross sales or English CROSS Selling designates the sales of suitable, supplementing products or services in marketing. So the conversion per order can be increased. Often it is confounded with UP Selling, the attempt, to sell a better variant of the product.


Since customers are often ready to remove further products from the well-known offerer a chance, more conversion with a customer results to generate here, and thus the Kundenbeziehung better to exhaust.


  • Autopurchase with CROSS Selling of e.g. suitable winter tires. (UP Selling would be an automodel with higher order)
  • Liability insurance and in addition a life insurance (UP Selling: Haftplicht with increased covering)
  • a crop with the hairdresser, and in addition a shampoo (UP Selling: Design RH air CUT)


Operationally won data for purposeful CROSS Selling actions can be prepared by EDP-supported customer relations management systems. Example: All autobuyers in August receive a letter for a winter tire offer in the autumn.

Or in a telephone live-situation: the customer ordered a straight jacket, to him afterwards the suitable Jeans was offered.

see also: Customer administration, Up_Selling

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