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CROSS Channel conception and are synonymous terms in medium marketing for the designation of the characteristic of products or services, which are marketed over different mediale, telekommunikative or institutional channels. The conception interlaced at least two of these channels for the achievement production and marketing, in order to use so the advantages of the different channels, without being bound to the disadvantages of the individual channel use.

For example the telephone (first channel) can supplement the monodirectional equipment of the television (second channel) and make so communication possible between moderator and spectator in the context of a transmission.

CROSS Channel conceptions are used therefore frequently by TV-transmitters in the framework by TV-formats. Transmitters which CROSS Channel conceptions comprehensively use are in particular RTL in the format Germany searches the superstar, super RTL under the mark Toggo or the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG with the graduation action talk Nose Day.


Mediale of channels are for example television, Teletext, radio, daily papers and magazines, as well as external advertisement.

To the Telekommunikativen to channels belong Internet, E-Mail, Telefonie, fax and all mobile channels.

Institutional channels cover retail trade, Event, letter dispatch and Versandhandel.

CROSS Channel strategies

To pursue CROSS Channel conceptions assigned around different strategies. For the start of a format the conception can be used for advertisement and be developed the admittingness of the format mark and thus the mark value. In the following phases of the product life cycle the conception pursues mainly the goal of proceeds from the advertising market (B2B) more effectively to exhaust and thus higher profits to obtain. After that kind of sending can be used the conception beyond that also in the B2C range, in order to generate proceeds from spectators to.

Structure of mark and mark care

TV-formats must fast and range-strongly admit to be made. The structure of mark must take place thereby faster, than this is necessary with other products. Combinations of different medialer channels offer the possibility of penetrating the market deeply seizing and within a short time because the combination of several advertising channels increases the conscious perception of campaigns. See also Crossmedia.

Evaluation in the Business ton Business range

TV-transmitters do not only use CROSS Channel conceptions for self-advertisement. The improved effectiveness of combined channels can be sold also at advertising customers, which leads to higher incomes opposite more regular TV-advertising-Spots. The large transmitters use for example their Web portals or co-operation with magazines around additional proceeds from draft and execution to generate to be able. See likewise Crossmedia.

Evaluation in the Business ton Consumer range

The integration of telekommunikativen and institutional channels makes generation of proceeds with spectators for the transmitters possible. The transmitters are to be created in a outstanding position over with CROSS Channel conceptions an increase in value for the spectator. On the one hand they lead strong marks, whose Potenzial can expand them ideally on other channels. On the other hand the co-ordination is meaningful by a TV-transmitter, since the large range of the transmission can be led target-group-specific on the remaining channels.

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