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one calls 1994 French foam wines with the classification "Appellation or Appellation d'Origine since 1 September outside of the Champagne, however after the Champagnerverfahren manufactured. This time ago one understood the Champagner, which fulfilled the legal minimum claim of 3,5 bar instead of the usual 6 bar only by . Since the term was not protected, used it also appreciably more winegrower outside of the Champagne. In order to avoid one, evenly to mentioned date, gave the possession conditions up and did in the Champagne without the expression . A new name for the Champagner with halved pressure does not give it so far yet.

Well-known representatives are the d'Alsace from the Elsass, de Bordeaux from Bordeaux, the de Bourgogne from Burgund, the de those, de Limoux, you law from that law and the de Loire from the area of the Loire. Also the better foam wines made of Luxembourg are designated than

The Rebsorten from region is different to region, substantial rules of the foam wine production is however uniformly prescribed. To these rules for example the complete grape/cluster pressing, a maximum pouring of 100 litres of Most from 150 kg grape/cluster material, a maximum salary of 150 Milligramm/litres at sulfur dioxide, a minimum time of nine months for the period spent on the yeast and a mandatory taste examination belongs. are gently moussierend, quid est carbonic acid are penetrant.

The term was introduced end of the 1980er years, when the use of the term champenoise was forbidden when desired outside of the Champagne France by the European union.

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