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The de Bordeaux is rather more easily a foam wine of the viticulture region Bordeaux. The foam wines of the region are characterised by its fruchtigen character and mainly from the Rebsorten Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle, partially in addition, from the Nebensorten Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Merlot Blanc or Ondenc are blended. The common portion of the Nebensorten may not exceed 30 %.

The rarer de Bordeaux is gekeltert from the Rebsorten Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet francs, Merlot, Malbec or Petit DOT. The finished vines must come in each case from Bordeaux. Due to the application of the classical bottle fermentation, which resembles the manufacture procedure of the Champagner, the wine is called an indication for high quality. The term was France far introduced, when the wine farmers of the Champagne successfully interspersed themselves with the prohibition of the world-wide common designation Champenoise for the characterisation of the bottle fermentation. Compared with a winegrower Champagner the is de Bordeaux with approx. 6 - 9 "€/Flasche somewhat more favorably, can be however not completely so long stored. The should at the latest two to three years after the purchase of the bottle at a drinking temperature of 5 - 7 "°C to be enjoyed.

Harvest quantities

Although similarly manufactured foam wine in Bordeaux existed already for a long time under the designation Bordeaux Mousseux, the AOC de Bordeaux was only introduced on 3 April 1990. After zaghaften beginnings until 1998 the gekelterte quantity increased since that time continuously. In the year 2004 altogether approx. 16,500 Hektoliter de Bordeaux were defined of more than 60 winegrowers. Until 1998 the average volume lay with only 6,000 Hektoliter.

The basis yield, thus the restriction of harvest is with 65 Hektoliter/hectares; an amount, which can be corrected class-dependently still over up to 20 % upward.

The berries are usually read some days before harvest of normal quiet wines, since the basic wines of a Schaumweines should have a strong acid stand. The minimum sugar content of the Mosts to the basic wine must amount to however at least 136 g/l for the red Rebsorten and 144 g/l for white Rebsorten.

The language label

Additionally to the designation "A.O.C. de Bordeaux" can be specified on the label still the designations Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Brut, and .

  • the reference "brood "points on a dry development with a maximum remainder sugar content of 15 g/l.
  • the designation "points on a class wine, i.e. the berries of the basic wines used in the originate from a class
  • "the "the was blended at least with a red basic wine, which was gekeltert from red vines.

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