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Covent guards is an underground station London Underground in the proximity of the popular purchase quarter of Covent guards in the urban district town center OF Westminster. It lies in the Travelcard Tarifzone 1 and by the Piccadilly LINE is served. In the year 2004 the station was used by 16.907 million passengers.

This on 11 April 1907 by the "Great at that time Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton Railway" open station was sketched by the architect Leslie Green. It is one of the few stations in the center of London, whose platforms can be achieved only by elevators or steep stairs. Particularly on Saturday afternoons, if in the neighbouring purchase quarter most humans are on the way, the station is overcrowded. Occasionally a regulation applied that in Saturday afternoons only out however could not be entered. Transport for London announced to build in the near future a second exit. Because of the terrorist attacks from 7 July 2005 the station was closed during some weeks. On 4 August the reopening took place.

Covent guards is distant only straight 260 meters from the station Leicester Square; this is the shortest distance between neighbouring stations in the entire net of the Underground. A walk between the two stations lasts less for a long time than the travel with the underground. The future of the station Covent guards is secured nevertheless, since otherwise the station would push Leicester Square particularly on weekends to its capacity borders.

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