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Country OF truck is a computer game of which of Westwood was published. Preceding products of the same Programmierteams were Eye OF the Beholder, part of I and II. in place of a third Beholder of part (finally programmed the SSI), decided it rather somewhat own to make. Country OF truck of that came out three parts exists:

Country OF truck: The of thrones OF chaos

The first part of country OF truck with the sub-title of "thrones OF chaos" was published first 1993 on disks. Later a CD-ROM was brought to version on the market, which does not only contain language for almost any character in relation to the diskette version in the play, but in that even famousnesses such as Patrick Stewart their voice check-out counters. Patrick Stewart speaks both the character of the "King Richard OF Gladstone" in the play, and a summary of the history of the "countries OF truck". Owners of the disks version do not go out completely empty, some spoken animations are present and provide for much atmosphere.

Story: The witch Scotia found a powerful artifact, the Niedermaske, which permits it to her to accept any shape (with all associated characteristics). With the help of the mask and an army of Orks it wants to control the world, but first it wants to settle an old calculation with Gladstone"…

The play looked magnificent in the feature year. Similarities to Dungeon master or Eye OF the Beholder are unmistakable, but when going in-zoom shot-end would leave and landscapes is very beautifully in scene set. With Scotia there is an original, convertable A risers get along very fast and the degree of difficulty are moderate, up to three places. Auto+map by everything draws along and notes even secret courses and doors, which the player perhaps ignored. That provided for due riot in the game of roles camp because it the solution of the mysteries makes nearly too easy.

Country OF truck: God dawn

The original title of the second part was country OF truck: Guardians OF Destiny in German that perhaps somewhat the better sub-title God dawn bekahm, since it turns in the play around death and the Wiedergeburt of a bad God. By the use of the Niedermaske in the first part of the Trilogie an age-old magic creature waked for lack of ancestor magic of that it lives had slept since generations. It became of the mean ancestor God Belial to create, in order to use it as a nut/mother for its Wiedergeburt, after he was condemned by the advice of the ancestors to death. The only one, which could become dangerous with its return it, is Scotias son, Luther. To transfer because while their death had Scotia tried, the magic of the Niedermaske to their son, which succeeded to her however not completely: Instead of itself after will to transform to be able Luther transforms uncontrolled into a Echse or an enormous monster. It nevertheless carries a powerful artifact of the ancestors in itself, which accelerates on the one hand the birth Belials, but on the other hand him possibilities gives to which it had not ever thought. Thus there are many exciting places to explore again once, would leave, old ruins, ice landscapes and the Sagenumwobene city of the ancestors themselves to it Belial the forehead to offer can. But first it must escape first times from the dungeon of Gladstone, because the guards burn on it it for the crimes of its nut/mother near to pull only in such a way.

In the second part of country OF truck made and presents themselves the diagram a due jump in genuine 3D, whereby by a Patch 3D-Beschleuniger-Karten were only used. The integration of video material was likewise new in the play with genuine actors, who accompany the somewhat linear however very varied way of the hero and many background informations over history and background the world give.

Country OF truck III

This is the third and last part of the row. The events happen directly to the connection of the second part. The Drarakel has no more reason after the Wiedergeburt and death of Belial to remain in the world of the mortal ones and leaves it by the bright path - a portal in the form of a mirror. Back magic servant remains being Jakel, which is directly with the magic of the Anu connected. Since it cannot further-exist without the magic Anus any longer, it closes the bright path not like it was laid on, but destroys the mirror, so that the bright path is never closed and the magic Anus survives. He distributes the fragments of the mirror in other dimensions, which now where the structure of the magic was shaken into the world to penetrate to threaten.

The player takes over the role of copilot by LeGre, an illegitimate son of the king of Gladstone, which only survived with a sudden attack from one of the other dimensions than. As only Tronerbe must the rather half-breed now alone to the threatening dangers place itself. Everywhere portals open to other dimensions, which run over terrible creatures out-spat and Gladstone apparently. Thus the secret of the portals goes to air in hope thereby also its soul again to find copilot by on the search, which was stolen from it with the attack.

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