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Corruption is fought in the European Union among other things against the fraud fight authority OLAF and the European audit office.

Year by year many hundred million euro are lost to the European union through illegal actions and "not intended promotions".

Many of the means are not distributed at all from Brussels. The expenditures for structure and the farm subsidies are distributed by the member states themselves. They constitute together about 80% of the household. From Brussels to be distributed funds of the research promotion as well as the own administrative costs of the European commission. The European audit office examines handling the means annually and evaluates it in its annual report. It uncovers regularly that both in the member states and in the organs of the European Union action need exists.

Development of the numbers

In the year 2004 the household of the EEC (the European Union does not have a juridical personality) on 111 billion euro for 25 member states amounts. As comparison: The household of the Federal Republic of Germany amounted 2003 to 250 billion euro.

The recognized irregularities rose 2002 by 66 per cent to 2.12 billion euro. 1.18 billion euro were determined by the member states themselves and scarcely a billion euro with determinations of the fraud fight authority of the European Union, OLAF (Office de lutte antifraude).

The fraud cases in the structural policy increased by 200 per cent on 614 million euro, to which missing documents or not appropriately used project means count.

In the range of the agriculture the export promotions of 3.6 billion euro stand in an inclined light. Thus for example 2002 the export of living cattle rose into Lebanon to 226.867 cattle, whereby for euro parliamentarians it stands firmly that this quantity cannot be slaughtered alone in Lebanon and Lebanon must have served as dummy target, in order the promotions to get. The European Union commission on request nevertheless did not find a reason for determinations.


The European office for fraud fight (OLAF) was created 1999 under the impression of a series of corruption affairs in the European Union commission (for example the EUROSTAT affair) on pressure of the European parliament.

1999 were also the year of the collective resignation of the European Union commission under commission president Jacques Santer, at which the European parliament and not least the reports of the delegate Herbert had relevant portion.

Tasks of OLAF:

  • Uncovering and pursuit of fraud within the tariff range
  • Uncovering the abusive use of subsidies
  • Tax evasion (so far it on the community center stop affects itself)
  • Fight against corruption, including the effects of interest conflicts
  • Other violations of the law, which damage the community

Boss of OLAF strove itself however more as fighters against cigarette smugglers and tariff cheats (all determinations, with which OLAF could do little more, than assisting to the judicial authorities of the member states) than against corruption in the European Union commission. For investigations with commission and other European mechanisms he turned less than 20 off that altogether 300 people. Remarkable it is also that only 50 officials are active as investigators. OLAF is carried further by the European Union commission; even if no direct influence possibility of the commission exists, it is very probably possible for the commission to exert pressure.

OLAF publishes annually reports of its work.

Informant protected by OLAF so that so mentioned "whistle more blower", if they give a reference at OLAF, the end of their career to be afraid to have.

Euro act

The boss of the statistic office (EURO ACT) of the European Union had to withdraw, because he had led black cashes, from which orders without preceding advertisement was financed. To data "star" goes it thereby around at least 8 million euro, whereby delegates expect a two digit amount of millions.

Reporting in the media

To 19. March 2004 was heard the star reporter Hans Martin Tillack, which had reported of many corruption affairs of the European Union, by OLAF. Its documents paid with the reason, it 2002 to an European Union official Geld for information, with a raid in Brussels offices the star seized.

Report 2003

375 times the European fraud fight authority OLAF in the period of July 2002 introduced 2003 new investigations by June. 805 cases could be locked by the authority. The caused damage amounts to over 850 millions "€, caused particularly by irregularities with advertisement and subsidy procedures.

European parliament

In March/April 2004 there were reproaches against an unknown number of Abgeordneteten. One accused to them on the one hand, they would have coated daily allowances unjustified. On the other hand the reproach existed that travel expenses were not correctly accounted for. However travel expenses are accounted for pauschalisiert, the actually resulting costs are not refunded.

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Neuhann, Florian: In the shade of the integration. OLAF and the fight against corruption in the European union. Baden-Baden: Nomos publishing house 2005. *

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